WWE: Triple H Taking over Possibly Leads to the Cruiserweight Return?

Jus GonsalvesContributor IIIJuly 20, 2011

LAS VEGAS - SEPTEMBER 18:  WWE wrestler Triple H attends the official weigh-in for boxers Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez at the MGM Grand Garden Arena September 18, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two will fight at the MGM on September 19.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

To start this off, with all bias aside I'm clearly happy with the decision to promote Triple H as the "new" authority figure on RAW. As much as I love Vince McMahon, his strut, his theme music and this general persona, it's aged. Vince no longer has the proper "look" for me to take him seriously as the big, bad boss who once made Stone Cold Steve Austin's life hell.

Triple H on the other hand? He's been there, he's done that. And he still has the ability to go that route.

I have been a Triple H fan since he first stepped into the WWE, and to see the evolution of his character is exciting. He went from a blue-blood snob to now- the new Chairman on the WWE (in-character, of course) which is an awesome growth. Triple H has been in the business for a while, is surrounded by those who changed the face of the business (i.e. Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall) and at one point or another was known as the absolute best the WWE had to offer.

If there's one thing Triple H knows, it's how to connect with the people; and because he knows that I know he's going to use his influence to get several people noticed and give people chances.

I think a major thing Triple H is going to do, is help re-establish weight-divisions. His first "big" contribution to the WWE's talent relations department was bringing in Sin Cara from Mexico and with all the trouble that's come come since, I think a Cruiserweight Division sooner or later will be brought back to really ease Cara into the organization. With the Cruiserweight Division back in effect, many talent get the chance to shine- also, TNA aren't the only ones with a high-flying, fast division.

Now, take into consideration that I'm not saying Triple H will convince Vince to bring back the Cruiserweight division simply for Sin Cara, but there's so much untapped talent that can help put the WWE over as being multi-dimensional and not just stuck on "big guys."

With how popular the X-Division is in TNA, the only thing really keeping that above water, this I think will be a major change that the WWE makes. With Sin Cara in a division around people the same size as him- it allows him to shine and it allows him to work with people who can help sell the explosive and agility-needing moves he does.

Working with Shawn Michaels, Triple H knows all about terrible attitudes. Shawn Michaels in his prime was known to be one of the hardest guys to work with which is why it's not too far to imagine that to add to that possible re-emerging Cruiserweight Division, Triple H rolls the dice and takes a chance on Teddy Hart,

I know you're sitting there, shaking your head and saying no, but is it really that far off? Teddy has been pleading his case to anybody that would listen that he wants his chance, and rumor is once Teddy completed the rehab, Bret would put in the word for him. Despite his attitude, nobody can deny Teddy's style is even more amazing than Sin Cara's PLUS Teddy can actually wrestle being from The Hart Dungeon.

If Teddy would get a chance, we could see TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd) be taken seriously and pushed there as well which might even allow Jack Evans to come aboard.

Is is a far shot? Of course it is, but it's just an idea. Triple H is smart, he knows what people want and for years people have been calling for the return of the Cruiserweight Division. With this, I think Triple H can really influence Vince to give the people what they want and add that explosive element back into the picture. With so much young talent out there, the Cruiserweight Division can be the opening that the WWE needs to put itself above the competition again.

Am I saying TNA is direct competition? No, but TNA has the X-Division which features some of the most popular talent at the moment. From Shelley to Sabin.. Aries and even Brian Kendrick. Triple H knows this, I'm sure he keeps an eye on what TNA does, as he does with ROH and the other promotions around the world.

If he can convince Vince to let him run with the idea and get the Cruiserweight Division going again, not only does he save face with managing to salvage Sin Cara's WWE run, but he also directly feeds the WWE Fans who are aching for the return of the high-flying action that only light/cruiserweights can bring.

Hopefully.. This happens. Above is just four of the thousands of names that could have a definite impact in rebuilding and resurrecting the division. As I said, is it likely? Not really, but it's a nice thought.

If the WWE wants to really prove it's dominance, let Triple H get his hands dirty and feed into what the WWE Universe wants; give us our Cruiserweight Division back!