For Chiefs Fans a Blue Sunday at Arrowhead

Evan FullerContributor INovember 4, 2008

Listen up Chiefs faithful—I've got a way we can show everyone how unhappy we are. For those of you that need a quick synopsis, let's begin.

Over the last few years, we have watched our team go downhill. Granted, we have a much better defense than we had in the Dick Vermeil era, but it's far from dominant. The pass rush doesn't really exist and our linebacking corps is average at best.

The offense is another problem all together. The offensive line has trouble from the moment the ball is snapped, giving an ineffective quarterback an insufficient amount of time.

Our quarterback situation is awful in KC. We haven't developed our own quarterback since Len Dawson, continually settling for backups and has-beens. Injuries have plagued Brodie Croyle his entire career, so his constant state of invalidity shouldn't be a surprise. I have no problem with Croyle being drafted—I just don't understand why they never drafted competition.

Then there are the cap issues we have coming. We signed Larry Johnson to a huge deal after seasons in which he carried the ball 336 and 416 times. Historically, a running back is never the same after that many touches.

Since getting his pay day, Johnson has carried the ball for a total of 253 times. His remaining contract may cause the team to cut him next year and take a massive salary cap hit.  

The wide receivers haven't been dominant in ages—even Tony Gonzalez wants out of this mess.

And through all of this change, one thing has remained constant: Carl Peterson.

He took us through some fantastic times in the early '90s. We had a dominant defense that we could be proud of. The Montana trade was the one that gave us the best season in the last 20 years. However, since 1994, the Chiefs have yet to win a playoff game.

Let me say that again. The Chiefs have not won a playoff game under Carl Peterson since 1994.

So what's to be done? The seemingly overwhelming evidence of ineptitude is staring us in the face and we are still without new leadership at the GM position.  

This is my proposal: On Dec. 14, when the San Diego Chargers come to Kansas City, I ask everyone in the crowd to wear blue to signify how we feel about the team. Wear a blue hat, shirt, jacket, gloves, anything—just make sure that it's clear.

It will send a message to the organization as well as the NFL that the Chiefs' fans are unhappy with Carl Peterson and we're ready for change.  

So get the word out. Tell your friends. It's time that we voiced our opinion.