UFC 91: Brock Lesnar Vs Randy Couture

Robert DesRocheAnalyst INovember 4, 2008

Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Couture will be one of the biggest fights in mixed martial arts history. It will take place on Saturday, November 15th, in MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for UFC 91.

The UFC marketing machine is going to shove this clash of names down everyone's throats like never before as it gets closer and close to fight time, so prepare.

It will be sold as THE biggest fight in MMA history. And despite any controversy over the match being made, the point can not be argued. Two big names, each for their own reasons, will collide.

Only one question remains. And we ask it to some of the brightest minds of the MMA Bleacher Report Community. Who wins and why?

Jad Semaan

Lesnar will take Couture down easily, and shouldn't have much difficulty keeping him there. The size and strength difference will be too great for Couture too overcome.

"The Natural" does not have a good guard and he lacks high-end submission skills. He will need to catch Lesnar with a flying knee or cut him with an elbow. The fight won't be on the feet for long, and I don't think cardio will play a large factor either.

Lesnar might be really aggressive and look for a tko victory after getting a dominant position on the ground. It's possible he may finish Couture, but I think he'll end up scoring a decision victory using superior wrestling and ground control.

Couture has lost to bigger grapplers before (Ricco & Barnett), but Lesnar is a different kind of animal, and presents an even worse nightmare match-up for the "Natural".

However, I must say that the undisputed UFC heavyweight champion will be the man who walks away unscathed from the four-man "tournament" involving Couture, Lesnar, Noguiera and Mir.

Couture holds the official title, Nogueira has the interim belt and Mir never lost his belt in a title match, so whoever emerges undefeated in his next two fights will be the true champion, and only after the other three contenders have lost.

Bryan Trafford

For Couture to win this, he will have to negate the advantages Brock will have in this fight which are speed, youth, power, and size. Randy will need to avoid standing at a distance with Brock, and initiate clinches where he can work on the inside.

On the ground Randy will most likely end up on his back, and should look to work for submissions. The longer this fight goes without Randy taking too much punishment, the better his chances will be.

As for Brock, he should look to keep this fight standing and at a distance to start with. He has shown quick hands and reflexes, and he needs to try to soften Randy up before shooting for a takedown which we all know is coming and I doubt Randy will be able to stop.

If he can avoid clinching and keep those legs from being exposed in bad positions on the ground, this can be easy work for him.

My pick is Brock by ground-n-pound stoppage in a fight that's not even close.

Derek Bedell

Brock Lesnar is a monster. The guy is a former division one wrestling champion with freakish strength. Although his MMA skills are very fresh and new, I feel Lesnar will overpower Randy Couture in their November super match-up.

Randy Couture has been out of action for over a year. "The Natural" can easily pull of the victory due to his masterful game plans, experience, and the fact that he’s Randy F’N Couture.

However, I feel Lesnar’s incredible strength, wrestling background, youth, speed, and athleticism will be too much for the 45-year-old.

Randy can’t wrestle Brock the way he has others in the past. Lesnar is a lot more athletic and quicker than Tim Sylvia. So this fight will be incredibly different than that David vs. Goliath showdown.

I expect Couture to pick and choose his spots and try to tire out the beast in Brock Lesnar. Expect Randy to try and pull of the win by decision or in the later rounds. That seems to be the smart thing to do.

Randy Couture is the Rocky Balboa of MMA and this fight sure has the qualities of Drago vs. Balboa in Rocky IV. The question remaining is will we see Rocky prevail and win the hearts of millions again or Drago dominate and finish.

This is real life and NOT the movies so I suspect the monster Brock Lesnar to do what Drago couldn’t…finish the legend.

It’s a hard fight to call because you can never count Randy Couture out. He’s proved himself so many times in the past and is a smarter fighter now than he’s ever been. My money has to be on Brock.

If there was no wrestling background with Lesnar it would be a different story, but that is not the fact here. And like a quote in Rocky IV,"it could be a painful one."

Brock Lesnar, round two TKO.

Kevin Curran

Brock Lesnar has shown that he is a bull in a china shop when it comes to the lighter fighters in the division, so now he is going to take on one of the lightest fighters in the UFC heavyweight division, Randy Couture.

This fighter also happens to be a surefire UFC hall-of-famer, resilient beyond belief, oh yeah and a former champ. Randy also has the skills in wrestling to keep Lesnar in check. If Randy can win the war on foot he has a good shot.

Brock Lesnar is the biggest baddest dude to fight in the UFC in some time. While Randy relies on athleticism, Lesnar has all the tools Randy has and more. Also, Lesnar has hown weakness in the ground game as far as submissions, Randy does not possess a top submission game.

So what stops Lesnar from stomping him out?

At this point in time nothing is stopping him. Randy has been busy starring in crappy movies for a little over a year now and has not been near a cage in a little bit longer than that.

Lesnar is young, strong, big, fast, athletic, big, strong, and did I mention big? Randy has it in for him alright.

Yours Truly

I tried to get some writers that I thought would pick Randy, but they declined to submit any pieces to me. The fact of the matter is that I agree with everyone else in this article. Randy is at a severe disadvantage in this fight. I won't add anything else to that. I have another route that I want to take with my analysis.

I am of the opinion that Randy Couture is the most overrated heavyweight in the history of MMA. He is a great fighter, worthy of the Hall of Fame, but as a heavyweight, there are far too many people that think he is one of the ten best pound for pound fighters in the world.

It just doesn't make sense. Let's take a closer look at his heavyweight record.

Record: 12-5

Key Wins: Vitor Belfort, Maurice Smith, Kevin Randleman, Pedro Rizzo twice, Tim Sylvia, Gabriel Gonzaga

Key Losses: Josh Barnett, Ricco Rodriguez, Valentijn Overeem, Enson Inoue, Mikhail Illoukhine

The last two wins and the first two losses listed are the ones that we should be paying the most attention to here. As far as the last three losses, you should be saying "who?" when you hear their names.

As for those last two wins, they will be the only wins Randy has over heavyweights in the past six years on the night that he fights Lesnar. Think about that. As for those two wins . . .

Since Sylvia's loss to Couture, he won ugly against Vera, and was finished by Nogueria and Emelianenko. Sylvia hasn't been impressive since his first win over Arlovski back in April 2006, a fight where he was closed to finished, but capitalized on Arlovski leaving himself open as he went wildly for the kill, winning by TKO.

Following Gabriel's loss to Couture, he was TKO'd by Werdum, and won against a tomato can by the name of Justin McCully. Gabriel's only key win is held over Mirko Cro Cop by a stunning head kick. To this day he remains a one-kick wonder. Two wins over top ten heavyweights is good, but Couture is not one of the best ten fighters in the world, and not even close to it anymore.

He is not ready for Lesnar, just look at the two aforementioned losses. They are to two big grapplers that used their size advantage to aid in their victory over couture: Ricco Rodriguez and Josh Barnett. Probably the two most accomplished Heavyweights that Randy has ever faced.

These two fighters were the reason that Randy moved down to Light Heavyweight. He couldn't handle the size. Both of them finished the fight via TKO. Expect a similar fight. Randy Couture's worst position is on his back. That's where he'll be.

In case you didn't notice, I got Lesnar. And that sums up the picks of a Bleacher Report writers for this article. Let the debate continue!


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