Jones—Calzaghe: The End of a Career…. But whos?

Clifford NadeauContributor INovember 4, 2008

This Saturday night we will see two warriors of the sport lay their careers on the line at the Mecca of the boxing world, Madison Square Garden. 

What makes this fight so interesting is what is actually on the line? Their boxing careers. 

Both man have something to prove, and come Saturday, we will see who can step up to the plate and actually produce.

Calzaghe wants to cement his legacy by beating the last big name fighter in his weight range and get that last big check before he retires. 

Jones, on the other hand, I think is trying to erase his loses from Tarver and Johnson by beating one of the best Pound-4-pound boxers in the sport.  The problem with that is one of them has a lot more to lose then the other. 

If Calzaghe loses, his legacy in England is not in jeopardy at all.  Also he hasn’t beaten any other elite boxers other than Bernard Hopkins, so he really needs to prove to the American fans that he is worth their time. 

But there lies the problem; This is supposed to be his last fight.  I seriously doubt this will be his last fight, win or lose.  If he wins, the American money door that most European boxers don’t want to walk through because they fear having to fight out of their realm.  But that is another article for another time.

Jones: if he loses, will no longer be seen as an elite fighter.  After the being knocked out by Tarver and Johnson, most people felt he was done.  He has come back by beating a couple no name bums, and beating a blown up, shell of a man in Trinidad.  This is his first real to show the fans he is back.  But if he loses, he should hang up the gloves. 

So, in my eyes, Jones has the most to lose.  Jones has had one of the best careers you can have in boxing, and for him to go out on a sour note will hurt him as a man, not just a boxer.  He needs to win this fight to prove to himself that he still has it. 

With Jones’s Power, skill and experience and Calzaghe’s work rate, odd angles and hand speed, this fight is really up in the air as who will win.  Don’t get me wrong, Jones has fast hands, but not as fast as they used to be, so I give Calzaghe the hand speed edge.

Also, Calzaghe has  experience, but knocking out and beating no name fighters for years in England does not give him the elite fighting experience that Jones has.

The second part that makes this fight even more interesting is that Bernard Hopkins wants to fight the winner.  Both men have faced Hopkins and won, but Hopkins wants to avenge his loses, and because of his one sided beating of Pavlik about a month ago, he has made his case. 

Jones has pretty much accepted this offer if he wins, but Calzaghe has said it will not happen because this is his last fight, or so he says. 

If this is truly his last fight and he wins, can he say no to another big money fight?  If he wins and the American public starts to give him some recognition, can he just walk away from the big stage? 

These are questions that only he can answer, and most likely we will have answers to later this year. If he loses, it surely will not be his last fight.