Driving In The Wet On Slicks. A Driver's Viewpoint. Reality

Mike WilkinsCorrespondent INovember 4, 2008

OK. Now with some people throwing mud and making wild and positively stupid accusations about Timo Glock and that incident, I just wanted to put some perspective on this with some REAL feedback about driving a racing car in the rain.

Out you go on your slicks (and I know that FBMW have full slicks) and push like crazy. The grip is so strong that there is too much for the power that my car puts out and you can go round corners on rails and brake so late it's stupid.

Then the heavens open.

The amount of grip that a slick tyre puts out in the wet is ZERO. I can confirm that it's gone. ZIP NADA ZILCH. You can't accelerate. You can't brake. You can hardly steer the bloody thing. Ice? No, it's like driving on oil.

Then you manage to get back to the pits and slap on some wets. You simply will NOT believe the difference. It's like the track dry again. Those rain tyres are as awesome in the wet as the slicks are in the dry. Push through the corners, it grips. Accelerate hard, it grips. Brake, it grips.

Now all this from a driver (me) who enjoys the wet (lunatic I know) and has all of 140bhp to play with. Put this into an 800 horsepower Formula 1 car without traction control and OH MY GOD. How Timo kept the car on the track, let alone pointing in the right direction and sort of moving is quite beyond me.

Unless you have experienced the difference in speed, control and grip that you get in a car with the wrong tyres on, please do not judge. You cannot begin to understand what Timo was going through. Defend his place? He was bloody amazing just to keep it on the track!

Also, don't forget, Timo's last lap was a 1.44 ... Trulli's was a 1.45 ... So the whole team were in on it? PAH!