UFC: CM Punk, Kurt Angle and 8 WWE or TNA Pro Wrestlers Who Could Move to MMA

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UFC: CM Punk, Kurt Angle and 8 WWE or TNA Pro Wrestlers Who Could Move to MMA

The historical relationship between pro wrestling and mixed martial arts has always been interesting. While some of the organizations in Japan fostered this relationship, the UFC and WWE have always had some sort of love-hate relationship. In fact, despite their audiences being very similar, both UFC President Dana White and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon have been quoted as saying that the two entertainment sources are “not competitors.”

Competitors or not, however, there is no denying that there has been some crossover between the athletes.

Crossover athletes like Ken Shamrock, Kazushi Sakuraba, Dan Severn and Don Frye helped pave the way for former (or still active) pro wrestlers in the early days of MMA. Then the pro wrestling boom of the late-90’s happened and it didn’t make financial sense for wrestlers to truly fight for a living.

There was a long drought of pretty much no one coming from pro wrestling into MMA until 2007 when one of wrestling’s biggest stars, Brock Lesnar, left the WWE in his prime. It took awhile and he took time trying to become an NFL player, but when Lesnar debuted for the UFC, a star was born.

Ever since that time, we have been anxiously waiting to see who the next star will be. But Bobby Lashley has been mostly unsuccessful so far, Dave Bautista (known as Batista in WWE) hasn’t yet made his debut, and no one else has really made any sort of impact.

So who will the next crossover star be? Will there even be a next crossover star?

Here are the top eight current or recent-former pro wrestlers who could make a move to become a mixed martial artist.

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