Leaf Players Understanding Our English Language

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent INovember 3, 2008

Can you imagine being a foreign pro hockey player trying to make it with one of the N.H.L.teams and you arrive in a foreign country, (North America.)

You do not understand the language, there is also the culture issue, you do not know any of the players.

You may be lucky and have another player who speaks your mother-tongue and can translate,for you.

But until you learn the English Language it is all translation,or sign language,or pictures on a black board.

So having said all of this,the coach has a very big job in making sure that his foreign players understand exactly how he want's them to play.

Sure they all know how to play hockey, but playing the Wilson way is probably much different than they have ever played before.

At this stage in The Leafs early rebuilding process, they are not only doing a tremendous job with all the rookies,but also making everyone comfortable in their new surroundings.

Sure they are going to make mistakes and lots of them,hockey is a team sport and is surrounded with mistakes and Ron Wilson understands this issue.

In my 60 yrs as a Leaf Fan, I have never seen a Leaf Team like this 2008/2009 team.

The equality on this team is so noticeable and they play and loose as a team, this has not been seen for many years.

When this Leaf Team gains a little more confidence and the language and culture is straightened out, Ron Wilson's stone face will become a happy face.

I do not think that it is going to take very long to make the fans in T.O. HAPPY FANS.

I can see a forward and "D" man being traded, in about six weeks, for a good scoring centre and the return of one of the best.

If this takes place, the Leafs will be well on there way to a play-off spot.