Finally the Cleveland Browns Start Brady Quinn

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

Personally, I think it's way overdue, but Brady Quinn is the starting quarterback for the 3-5 Cleveland Browns. I can't help but think that the decision to bench Derek Anderson came from a position in the organization that is higher than the head coach.

Romeo Crennel had stayed with Anderson despite his 68.7 passer-rating. The chants for Brady at the end of the Browns' loss to the Ravens were finally heeded.

I want to caution Browns' fans that the Notre Dame graduate will not save this season. He's young and will play accordingly. There will be mistakes and, I believe, flashes of the talent that made him Cleveland's first-round pick.

From what I've seen of Quinn, he has the ability to look off defenders. This is an attribute that has been missing in Cleveland quarterbacks since the team's return to the city. Couch, Frye, and Anderson all zeroed in on their intended target from the snap of the ball.

Hopefully, the new QB will get help from his supporting cast. He needs protection from the offensive line, Braylon Edwards to stop dropping every third ball thrown to him, and hard running from Jamaal Lewis.

Let's all be realistic; this season's playoff hopes are dashed. With the remaining schedule, a young quarterback, Stallworth's inability to stay healthy, and a coach feeling like a lame-duck, a 4-4 second half would be an unmitigated success.

I'm looking to the future. Next year's schedule will be nothing like this year's. The Browns will have a talented and slightly seasoned quarterback. Some of the faces will have changed. I believe Crennel, Anderson and, very likely, Winslow will be gone.

I waited for Quinn's era to start, and it has. I intend to be patient and accept the inevitable mistakes that will occur. For the remainder of this season I'll cheer his successes loudly and forgive him his mistakes.

One thing I can count on...there will be no chants of "Derek...Derek...Derek..."