50 Most Ridiculous Outfits in Wrestling History

TC VreelandCorrespondent IIIJuly 21, 2011

50 Most Ridiculous Outfits in Wrestling History

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    Throughout the history of professional wrestling, wrestlers' outfits have played a major role in their character and character development.  From flashy accessories meant to entertain the crowd to simple colors used to portray their alignment, outfits range from simple statements to downright ridiculousness.

    This article takes a look at the 50 most ridiculous outfits in the history of professional wrestling and the characters behind those outfits.

    Some of the outfits on this list go hand in hand with some outrageous gimmicks that have been seen throughout the years, while others just seem silly in their own right, having little to do with a gimmick.

    Take a look and sound off in the comments below.  Let me know if I may have forgotten anyone that you would have put on your list.

    Enjoy and as always, thanks for reading.

50: Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston himself is not a ridiculous-looking wrestler, and his ring attire doesn't really stand out either.  There was one instance, however, where he made a bad decision or two.

    At WrestleMania 26, Kofi decided to put his hair up into two ponytails, something much different than his usual curly locks.  The white trunks didn't help either.  He strayed from his typical green and yellow colors, and failed to stand out, in a good way at least.

49: The Road Warrior

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    While the Road Warriors or Legion of Doom may have had some ridiculous-looking outfits, they were successful enough to warrant not putting them on this list.  However, when Animal struck out on his own after unsuccessful runs with Heidenriech and Matt Hardy, he probably should have just thrown in the towel.

    In an attempt to copy the look of the 1981 film of the same name, Animal sported a mohawk and dressed in all black leather, complete with shoulder pads, though not the same cool ones that he wore in his prime.

    Yeah, this is a great example of someone who hung on for just too long.

48: The Killer Bees

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    The Killer Bees were a tag team in WWE during the mid-to-late '80s.  Their name was a play off of the Miami Dolphins' defense, which was nicknamed the Killer B's.

    However, instead of going the football route, WWE instead packaged them like the insect and had them wear nothing but a pair of black-and-yellow striped briefs.

    Though they had several prominent feuds, including those against The Hart Dynasty and the Funks, The Killer Bees never won the tag team championship and broke up after several unsuccessful years of attempts.

47: IRS

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    Mike Rotunda has spent his entire career as the character Irwin R. Schyster, and while the character has stood the test of time, the outfit has become more and more ridiculous as the years go by.

    The tax-collector gimmick was supported by dress pants, a white collared shirt, red suspenders and a briefcase.  What topped the whole look off was the slicked-back hair, the stereotypical look of someone who works for the government.

46: MVP

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    Montel Vontavious Porter broke into WWE as the cocky professional athlete, not unlike professional football player Terrell Owens.  However, one big thing separated the two.

    MVP dressed, as the fans liked to remind him, like a Power Ranger.  His brightly colored one-piece suits and single-lens sunglasses definitely resembled the characters from the popular Saturday morning children's show.

    He had two reigns as United States champion and now wrestles overseas for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

45: Cryme Tyme

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    Bulletproof vests, oversized chains, "grillz" and Timberland boots are most likely found in the inner cities, not in a WWE wrestling ring.  Looks like someone forgot to tell Cryme Tyme.

    JTG and Shad Gaspard were one of the last remaining (as least somewhat) respectable tag teams in WWE, but they didn't really dress the part.

    Shad has since been released, but you can still see JTG rocking the same ridiculous gear on episodes of Superstars.

44: Rob Van Dam

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    Rob Van Dam is one of the most decorated wrestlers in history, and I'm not talking about his accomplishments.

    RVD is known for his singlets with some of the most intense artwork sprawled across the front (and back) of them.  Most of the time his outfits are covered in items like dragons, peace signs and graffiti stylings of his own name.

    Not that they all look bad, but they all look at least a little bit ridiculous.

43: Shawn Michaels

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    Shawn Michaels has stood the test of time.  Thank God his original attire didn't.

    Looking back, The Heartbreak Kid doesn't seem like he would be getting girls from today to think he's cute, as the song goes.  His vests complete with rhinestones, polka dots, peace signs and other dangley items, as well as the sunglasses and complete mullet (which he still rocks to this day) would turn heads today, and not in the good way.

    While his outfit is in no way a testament to his in-ring ability, it does make you stop and think what the hell we were all thinking back in the early 90s.

42: Tatanka

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    How racist can WWE get? 

    "Hey, let's take this new guy with the Native American heritage and package him in the most stereotypical way we can think of."

    That's just what WWE did.  Tatanka's outfit consisted of a headdress and face paint while he would dance around the ring and chant Native American cries from his natural tribe, the Lumbee.  Not exactly how a modern-day Native American would dress and act on a day-to-day basis.

    Though maybe Tatanka and others feel that he was in a way honoring his heritage and ancestors, that is not how it was ever perceived by the audience.

41: Viscera

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    If Viscera claimed to be the "World's Largest Lover," I don't think that anyone would argue with him.

    Sporting a full velour suit would be bad enough, but add in the fact that it was probably the biggest suit of its kind in existence and you have one of the most ridiculous outfits in pro wrestling history.

    Oh, and he tried to get with Lillian Garcia.  Funny.

40: Mean Street Posse

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    Pete Gas, Rodney and Joey Abs were the members of the Mean Street Posse, a group of thugs who worked as Shane McMahon's hired help to make sure that he retained his European championship in the late '90s.

    I don't know about you, but I can't really take a group of thugs seriously if they are wearing sweater vests and dress pants.  Sometimes they wouldn't even wear a shirt underneath the vests, adding to the already absurd attire.

    After their stint with Shane McMahon was up, the Mean Street Posse faded out and were never seen again.

39: Blue Meanie

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    Blue Meanie's entire career was practically used to mock other gimmicks in wrestling at the time.

    He was a member of the Blue World Order known as Da Blue Guy, mocking Scott Hall's Bad Guy gimmick.  He also spoofed Goldust as Bluedust and even contributed to storylines with him.

    If the blue hair and beard or blackened eyes didn't get you, the absurdly short T-shirts that he wore certainly would.

38: Zack Ryder

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    Don't get me wrong, I'm as big a broski as the next guy, but what the heck was up with the one long pant leg?

    Though he has since gone to more traditional tights, Ryder has kept the spiked hair, the headbands and the crazy sunglasses, which still could keep him on this list in his current attire. 

37: Rico

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    Those sideburns are enough to warrant putting Rico on this list.

    Rico made his debut as the homosexual stylist of Billy and Chuck.  He would wear over the top outfits like the one pictured while aligned with Billy and Chuck.  He later teamed with Charlie Haas and while still sporting the same sideburns, he also wore sparkly metallic face paint.

    Rico was abruptly released from his WWE contract in 2004 and is now an officer for the Nevada Taxi Cab Authority.

36: "The" Brian Kendrick

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    Though he could have potentially made the list with the attire he wore while the tag team partner of Paul London, Brian Kendrick's singles attire is just a bit worse.

    Repackaged as "The" Brian Kendrick, he would awkwardly dance to the ring with his jacket flying wildly around him.  The jackets ranged from somewhat simple black leather to all white with leopard-printed collars.

    Though he had a brief flirtation with the main event and was the longest interim WWE Champion during the Championship Scramble match (which is not considered an official title reign), Kendrick was eventually released.  He now wrestles for Impact Wrestling where he is the current X-Division champion.

35: Berzerker

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    Originally named The Viking (which must have been way too obvious), The Berzerker dressed like, well, a viking, complete with horned helmet.

    The Berzerker, who feuded with Davey Boy Smith and Jimmy Snuka at times, was a powerhouse whose primary method of victory was throwing his opponents out of the ring and scoring a victory via count-out.

    In a later feud with The Undertaker, The Berzerker took his gimmick a step further and tried to stab The Undertaker with his sword.

    That's '90s wrestling for you.

34: Rey Mysterio

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    Now, I'm not talking about Rey Mysterio's attire on a regular basis—I understand that his masks are a part of his heritage and luchador background—but rather what Rey Mysterio has worn at several of the past WrestleManias and other pay-per-views.

    Let's see: He has been a bird, The Joker, The Flash and Captain America in recent years. 

    Combine these outfits with his height and it looks like he is a child getting excited for Halloween.

33: Knuckleball Schwartz

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    Ever wonder what The Brooklyn Brawler would look like as a mascot for a minor league baseball team?  Look no further.

    Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz was a very short-lived gimmick used by Steve Lombardi, more famously known as The Brooklyn Brawler.  He dressed like a baseball player and painted his face to look like a baseball, complete with stitching.

    Today he works as a road agent for WWE.

32: Aldo Montoya

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    Justin Credible's WWE career has been anything but credible, with several Hardcore title reigns as his only shining moments.  His stint as Aldo Montoya even kicks him further down the ladder of mediocrity. 

    Just take a look at the outfit.  That mask looks like a yellow diaper and the accenting wristbands don't do him any favors either.

    Luckily this gimmick didn't last very long and Justin Credible asked for his release.

31: Hardy Boys

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    Sometimes they dressed normally, wearing pants and sleeveless shirts; other times the looked like S&M rejects.

    The see-through shits that Jeff Hardy frequently wore were pretty scary looking, and the skin-tight long-sleeve shirts that Matt tended to wear might have been even worse.

    Later in his career Jeff started experimenting with various face paints; we've all seen how well that has worked out.

30: Shannon Moore

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    Though it is largely a part of his lifestyle, Shannon Moore has had some of the craziest looks in professional wrestling history.

    During his stint with WWE, Moore wore a red vest with metal plates and spikes all over, complete with a multi-colored mohawk that stood up several inches.

    Today he continues with the look in Impact Wrestling.  Though he has lost the shoulder pads, he keeps the same mohawk and has added many more tattoos.

29: Mordecai

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    Kevin Fertig has portrayed some crazy characters in his tenure with WWE.  Though none were quite as crazy as Mordecai.

    Mordecai was a religious zealot who dressed all in white and condemned the audience and his opponents for their sins.

    This may not have been quite as weird if he didn't return years later as Kevin Thorn, a vampire.

28: Balls Mahoney

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    Mother Nature didn't do Balls Mahoney any favors in the looks department, but he didn't do himself any favors in the outfit department either.

    Maybe it is the cut-off shirts or the leather jackets, or it might be the tights underneath the jean shorts that have been cut almost all the way to the waistband.  Likely it is a combination of everything that he wears, but that is what made Balls Mahoney who he is.

27: Tugboat

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    Fred Ottman is the only man to be on this list twice.  While his other outfit is one of the worst things to happen in professional wrestling history, Tugboat isn't too far behind.

    Maybe it was the hat, or the red-and-white stripped shirt, or the pants pulled up farther than his waist seemed to allow.  Whatever it was, Tugboat had one ugly costume.

    Toot Toot!

    Sorry, I had to.

26: The Undertaker

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    Mark Calloway and his character The Undertaker have stood the test of time, though many changes in character and alignment.  There have been ups and downs (but mostly ups) across his 20-plus-year career.

    However, his look during the Ministry of Darkness storyline looked like something out of a B-grade vampire movie.

    Though he has always dressed in black and held a dark persona, you got the feeling that with this outfit he could turn into a bat and fly away at any minute.  The half-ponytail and goatee didn't help either.

25: Kronik

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    For a group that's name was a play on a slang term for marijuana, they didn't dress like most people would think.  Actually, dressing like stoners might have been better.

    Their one-piece singlets were typical wrestling attire, but those trench coats and sunglasses left something to be desired.  They also coudn't figure out if they were heels or faces, flip-flopping several times.

    The two were eventually released from their WWE contracts due to their lack of solid in-ring performances.

24: Big Show

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    It's hard to dress up when you are as large as Big Show, but I pray each night that he never dresses like a sumo wrestler again.

    The match at WrestleMania 21 was set up to attract a larger audience in Japan, where Akebono was considered a sporting legend.  Big Show, though he may be large, proved to be anything but.

23: Oz

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    Before he became a main-event superstar, Kevin Nash was Oz.

    Dressed in a long green robe and led to the ring by his manager Merlin, Oz was supposed to be an intimidating force in WCW.

    Several years later, Nash finally became that intimidating force, Diesel.

22: Hurricane

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    Greg Helms rose to WWE prominence with his Hurricane gimmick.  Unfortunately for him, as soon as he dropped it, he disappeared faster than a speeding bullet (see what I did there?).

    However, when he was popular with the fans, he looked and acted like an idiot.  With his trademark green tights and his Superhero in Training sidekick, Rosey, The Hurricane was the laughing stock of WWE.

    Eventually, The Hurricane dropped the cape and returned to his alter ego.  He returned years later, but was never the same.

21: Brutus Beefcake

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    It's bad enough to have the gimmick of a crazed wrestler who cuts his opponents hair, but to accompany that with the outrageous outfits just seems like a crime.

    Some of his attire highlights included zebra-print arm sleeves, streamers that hung from his arms and relatively see-through tights.

20: Van Hammer

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    Wait, am I reviewing an old Guns and Roses album?  No?  Oh, I should have guessed that this was a child of WCW.

    Though his name was an obvious play on Van Halen, he looked more like Slash from Guns and Roses.  Either way, there's no need for a Gibson Flying V in a wrestling ring.

19: Vito

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    After wrestling with typical Italian gimmicks, including a run as a member of the Full Blooded Italians, Vito decided that he would break out of his shell and start dressing as a woman.

    That's right, Vito wore dresses to the ring and would compete in them as well.

    The gimmick was somewhat successful, but that doesn't change the fact that Vito's dresses make him a sure-fire candidate for this list.

18: Edge and Christian

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    Edge and Christian are one of my favorite tag teams of all time, but that doesn't mean they didn't dress like idiots from time to time.

    The worst was when they wore those oversized or absurdly shaped sunglasses to the ring.  Remember the ones that went over the top of Christian's head?

    Not only did they look ridiculous, but they acted ridiculous as well. I guess that was a part of their charm.

17: Paul Burchill

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    At some point in 2005, Paul Burchill decided that he wanted to play dress-up.  His costume of choice?  A pirate.

    He debuted as a pirate on SmackDown, swinging down from the ramp by a rope.  He also tossed "pirate treasure" to the fans.

    During his time as a pirate, he feuded with William Regal, who repeatedly tried to convince Burchill to return to his old gimmick.  I wonder how much of those talks were actually scripted.

16: The Boogeyman

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    Putting aside the fact that he would eat worms in the ring, The Boogeyman was still one of the most ridiculous-looking wrestlers in history.

    Covered in fur and other dangling items, you never really could understand what look WWE was going for with The Boogeyman.  His appearance changed frequently, so the viewers were treated to something new just about every week. 

    My personal favorite was when he wore what looked to be a full-sized heart around his neck.

15: Dusty Rhodes

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    In no way am I here to criticize what Dusty Rhodes has brought to professional wrestling.  Heck, even just the fact that he fathered a future WWE Champion (in my opinion) is enough to say that he has contributed enough.  But what was he thinking when he pulled this atrocity out of the closet?

    The three-time NWA World Champion and WWE Hall of Famer was known for his outrageous antics and his dance moves in the ring, but I think that nobody could be prepared to watch him do anything while dressed in a black outfit with yellow polka dots, from the trunks to the headband.

    Time has only helped Dusty Rhodes out, he looks much better in a suit and tie today.

14: Rick Rude

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    The self-proclaimed "sexiest man alive" was also the owner of some of the most ridiculous tights in the history of the sport.

    Rude would frequently wear tights with images of other wrestlers airbrushed on them.  Past tights have included himself, Junkyard Dog (pictured), Jake "The Snake" Roberts and even Robert's wife Cheryl.

    Though he was a sound technical wrestler, it was his tights that stood out the most.

13: Jeff Jarrett

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    Though he at least dresses like a respectable wrestler today, when Jeff Jarrett broke into the business he looked like a fool.

    His original WWE gimmick was that of a country music singer who was trying to make it big by getting exposure by becoming a professional wrestler.  He wore flashy attire including the ridiculous hat that you see there which even lit up.

    What was even more obnoxious than his light-up hat was the way he talked.  He would end every sentence with the phrase "Ain't I great?" and would frequently spell out his name, as "J E Double-F, J A Double-R E Double-T."

12: Battle Kat

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    Ah, pro wrestling in the early '90s.  Can you imagine what would happen today if someone came out to the ring dressed like a cat?

    That's exactly what happened in WWE during the latter half of 1990.  Donning a cat mask and using gymnastics moves to evade his opponents, Battle Kat was a staple of WWE house shows for a few months, remaining undefeated for his professional career.

    He was released from his contract after a few months and luckily WWE decided to never mention the gimmick again.

11: Glacier

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    When coming up with an idea for a character, who thought that it would be a good idea to mimic several superstars after a video game?  Someone at everyone's favorite wrestling promotion, WCW—that's who.

    A blatant rip-off of Mortal Kombat's Sub Zero, Glacier sported an all-ice-blue attire complete with ninja style mask and helmet and an entrance that featured blue lasers and fake snow falling from the ceiling.  There have been rumors that his gear cost upwards of $35,000 and the production cost for his entrances cost nearly half a million dollars.

    Money well spent right there.

10: Mortis

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    The fine folks at WCW decided that it was not enough to have just one wrestler modeled after the Mortal Kombat video games and created Mortis to feud with Glacier.

    Though not nearly as ridiculous as Glacier (not to mention much less expensive), Mortis was equally as outrageous.  He also didn't blatantly rip off just one character from the popular video game series, but instead took elements from several, including Reptile, Scorpion and Shao Khan.

    The gimmick was quietly dropped after just a few months of use.

9: Max Moon

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    I can't help but think of Mega Man every time I see a photo of Max Moon.

    The creation of Konnan, Max Moon was a cyborg who hailed from "Outer Space" or "The Future" and shot small fireworks out of the attachments on his arms as he made his way to the ring.

    It's not so much the gimmick that made this outfit so laughable, but the fact that the WWE audience was supposed to get behind a cyborg that looked like he was dressed in a costume that his mother made for him for Halloween.

8: Bastion Booger

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    I've done several lists here on Bleacher Report, and for some reason Bastion Booger always ends up on the list.  I guess I should start doing more positive lists.

    What else can you say?  The guy looked like he was wrapped in duct tape with his fat protruding through the open areas.  Add the fact that he acted slovenly and gluttonous and you have one of the most ridiculous characters in WWE history.

7: Giant Gonzalez

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    What list would be complete without Giant Gonzalez?

    Let's see, full body suit?  Check.  Muscle print on the full body suit?  Check.  Cover it with fur that looks like it came from the bargain section of your local arts and crafts store?  Check.

    Well, it looks like we have a genuinely ridiculous outfit.

6: The Shockmaster

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    Of course, the most criticized gimmick of all time would make this list.

    Setting what actually transpired at his debut aside, The Shockmaster had one of the most terrible looks in professional wrestling history.  His outfit consisted of nothing more than a pair of jeans, a large furry vest and a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet covered in foil and glitter.  They didn't even care to come up with something less noticeable to create the mask with.

    There's a reason that The Shockmaster is still made fun of to this day.

5: Gobbledy Gooker

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    Probably the worst part about the Gobbeldy Gooker was the fact that underneath the costume was a member of the legendary Guerrero family, Hector Guerrero.

    No?  Oh yeah, the worst part was that it was a turkey costume. 

    WWE had hyped the arrival of whatever was resting inside the egg so much that when it finally hatched out this monstrosity at Survivor Series in 1990 the fans were irate.  Even Mark Calloway, the man we all know as The Undertaker, said he was afraid that he was going to be packaged as a chicken-like character that was going to hatch out of the egg.

    I guess we're lucky that WWE chose Hector Guerrero.

4: Arachnaman

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    How terrible can one outfit get?

    First, could they have picked worse colors to portray a spider?  The yellow I get, but purple?  Most importantly, it was such a blatant rip-off of Spiderman that Marvel Comics successfully sued WCW over the gimmick. 

    Needless to say, Arachnaman didn't last very long.

3: Mideon

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    Quick, look away!  I don't want that photo to scar you for life.

    After a mildly successful run as Mideon, a member of the Ministry of Darkness, Mideon was repackaged as Naked Mideon, a wrestler who wore only a fanny pack, thong and boots.

    Luckily the gimmick didn't last very long and Mideon left the WWE after failing to win the European championship.

2: Mantaur

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    What is there to say about Mantaur that hasn't already been said?  Look at what the guy wore to the ring...a bull head!

    Even without the giant mascot-looking head, Mantaur looked ridiculous with the face paint that he wore.  Not to mention that he acted like a bull in the ring, frequently charging, trampling and even mooing at his opponents.

    Mantuar is one outfit that WWE history would rather forget.

1: The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust

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    It's his character and he has played it well, but from long blond wigs to the gold (or other) colored bodysuits, Goldust is one ridiculous character.  When he changed his character to The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust, that's when things got a little weird.

    Dustin Runnels has played his share of other characters with crazy ring attires as well.  If you get the chance, look up Seven, Black Reign or just old-school pictures of the regular Goldust.  Every one is ridiculous.