MMA: Is Hector Lombard the Mike Tyson of MMA?

Michael EvansCorrespondent IIIMarch 9, 2017

By now everyone knows Hector Lombard.

Lombard has gone unbeaten in his last 23 bouts and is the Bellator Fighting Championships middleweight champion.

He has 14 knockouts during the streak, including a one-punch knockout in his last bout, a win over tough veteran Falaniko Vitale.

After crashing a punch to his face, Lombard stood and watched as Vitale tried to stand up and fell down again. He had been knocked completely senseless in third round.

Lombard won with a one-punch knockout in Round 3.

It was a pretty awesome sight.

Then it hit me. I felt like I had deja vu: It was almost as if I had seen this before.

After sitting there for a second, I realized that I was thinking of the November 1986 fight between Mike Tyson and Trevor Berbick, in which Tyson knocked Trevor so silly that he kept falling down and trying to get up in vain.

Tyson and Lombard are also similar in their respective dominant streaks.

Tyson began his boxing career with an incredible string of wins, culminating in his winning all three heavyweight titles and defending them.

His knockouts were destructive; he was short and powerful.

Lombard has a similar body type and fighting style.

If mixed martial arts has one fighter who is like "Iron" Mike in his heyday, then "Lightning" Lombard is that man.

Lombard looks for his 24th consecutive fight without a loss in Australia this August, when he takes on Ultimate Fighter alumnus Jesse Taylor. Although Lombard's opponent is most likely overmatched, it should be an entertaining fight.

Lombard is a legitimate top-10 middleweight in the world, and for the time being, he seems to have a chokehold on the Bellator 185 division.

I think it is possible that in the next year or so he could make a move to the UFC, especially if his streak continues.

Is Lombard the Mike Tyson of MMA?

It is hard to say really, but we know for sure that Hector "Lightning" Lombard is trouble for nearly any man in the world at 185 pounds.