10 NBA Stars Who Should Consider Baseball During the Lockout

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10 NBA Stars Who Should Consider Baseball During the Lockout

With both the NBA and NFL caught in the midst of a lockout, the future for each respective sport seems a bit uncertain.  The notion of billionaire franchise owners and millionaire professional athletes being unable to find a way to peacefully agree on a fiscal balance is absurd enough to enrage a starving sports writer to the point of being unable to finish a Filet-O-Fish sandwich—acquired via coupon, nonetheless.

But I digress.

Though much coverage has been centered around the NFL lockout of 2011, the relatively young lockout of the National Basketball Association has taken somewhat of a backseat.  While NFL fans have been treated to daily updates on the NFL lockout via Twitter activity from the likes of Chad Ochocinco, Drew Brees, Larry Fitzgerald and others, NBA fans have been left to more or less wonder about the future of their sport of choice and the well-being of their most-beloved athletes.

As the NBA lockout continues, and NBA stars are left to wonder how they will afford their entourages, SUVs and legal bills, there is an alternative source of income for a few select NBA ballers:  Major League Baseball.

While several NBA stars may eventually find themselves contributing to the nation's unemployment rate, the following NBA players may be a nice fit for some MLB franchise in need of a special skill set.

Here are 10 NBA stars who should consider baseball during the NBA lockout.

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