Saluting The Old War Horse

Nikhil NadipelliCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

Indian cricket will never be the same again.

As India goes into its next test match against Australia in Nagpur, it will be without its most committed and finest match winner, ANIL KUMBLE.

Every time India was in trouble it didn't look beyond Kumble. When the bowlers knew their efforts would bear no fruit, he wouldn't hesitate to bowl every alternate over. Commitment was his forte.

Who on earth would venture into catching a flyer, with eleven stitches on his hand? Incidentally and deservedly, that will be remembered as his last test wicket. That a broken jaw did not deter him from bowling against the West Indies, speaks volumes about his commitment.

His eventful career was filled with critical comments, injuries and of course, success. He bore it all and emerged victorious every time. But one terrible thing he has done to Indian cricket is that he left a huge void, which can never be filled.

He had been criticised as being a one-dimensional bowler; oh! a one-dimensional bowler who managed 619 wickets. Many believed that had he had half the talent as Shane Warne and with the same commitment he would have had more than a 1000 test wickets to his name.

His 10-wicket haul against Pakistan at Feroz Shah Kotla may well rank as one of the greatest achievement in the history of sport.

He is the only player with 500 or more wickets to score  a test hundred, though it came at the end of his career.

He played 132 tests, second only to the great Sachin Tendulkar.

Anil Kumble will be remembered for all these achievements, but being a true gentleman he wishes to be remembered for his sincerity.

Let's salute the old war horse and wish him success in his every endeavours.

Whatever be it, Indian Cricket will never be the same again.