Vince McMahon out as CEO: Analyzing Triple H's New Run as CEO of WWE

The CauseContributor IIIJuly 19, 2011

Most of us expected to see either CM Punk or John Cena on WWE RAW last night. Some expected both.

We got just that, as Cena made his appearance at the end of RAW, giving "last words" to McMahon.

But right before Vinny Mac could do the firing, Triple H's music hit and he came down to the ring.

He told McMahon that there was a Board of Directors meeting, and they made a decision. The "family agreed" to remove Vince as CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment.

The man appointed to that position is Triple H himself!

This was probably the most shocking thing anyone had heard in a long time, although Vince McMahon has been wanting to kill his character for a while.

He tried doing it years ago in multiple ways, but there was still that issue of him being the guy in charge.

Triple H, meanwhile, has been given a corporate role in the Talent Relations department. He's been talked about in recent months for a corporate-type role for TV, but no one had a clue he was taking over as CEO.

This is all story line but somewhat real. Word has it that McMahon could really be stepping down as Chairman and CEO of WWE. This was a way to announce it publicly and make Triple H's character known in that role.

This could very well just be a story line, as no one expected McMahon to ever step down. But it has been clear that McMahon does not want to be a character on TV anymore.

Instead of killing the character altogether, they just took his role away so he could no longer be "The Boss".

One has to wonder how this affects WWE's stock. Remember the stock drop a few years ago when WWE RAW was "sold" to Donald Trump? All story line, but the business morons thought it was real, and the stock dropped big time.

Stock already dropped 30% from the norm, and if stock guys believe that McMahon is no longer running day-to-day operations, they may back off, causing an even bigger drop.

Triple H has made big news over the last number of months for the talent he brought in. Sin Cara and Kharma are the two under his name so far that have hit WWE TV.

Cara has been somewhat of a flop on programming, as he continues to lack knowledge of WWE style and botches a lot.

They gave him the stupid international lighting to cover up mistakes, but fans at home can still see them.

He has excited fans and the kids seem to like him, which is obviously what WWE wanted. But the clear lack of WWE style is what is hurting the luchador.

He also just got suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy.

Then we have Kharma, who got pregnant and will be out until Wrestlemania time at the earliest.

I don't think we can blame Triple H for these flops. He saw talent and went for it. In fact, the WWE has been after Mistico (Sin Cara) for years, it was just that Triple H signed him.

You can't blame Triple H for a guy not picking up a style or taking things he shouldn't. That is on the performer.

And you can't blame "The Game" for Kharna's pregnancy. It's her boyfriend who is the culprit there.

He's been going after other top talent in the Indy world, such as The Kings of Wrestling. Colt Cabana has been talked about, and there are many more with whom Triple H is in discussions right now.

If he is in charge, imagine what he will do.

He doesn't have that ideal that you have to be his size to be a World Champion; that was Vince's vision. It's all about talent, and they have many people who are talented on that roster.

People such as Daniel Bryan would have never been out of mid-cards if Vince kept his vision going for the 6'5 250-pound guy. Could Triple H call for Bryan's MITB win?

Talent can be spotted, and those who have skill need to be used. If someone has it, who cares about size?

It would be good for the sport if Triple H uses this thought process.

Also, CM Punk would not sign with McMahon. Would be sign with (in his words) "the doofus son-in-law?"

Personally, I love Triple H's eye for talent.

He is the guy who demanded the push of John Cena, Randy Orton, and Batista. Obviously, these are the three most popular guys of this era. Triple H worked with all three of them, two directly every day.

He also called for Sheamus' push and Wade Barrett.

Both have done well, and Sheamus has improved exponentially. We can't forget his demand for Jeff Hardy getting a World Title. Probably the best move he could have made, Trips convinced McMahon to do it.

When you're an in-ring worker who sees guys come and go all the time—not to mention you were one of the more successful WWE stars of all time—I think you may know a little something about what the fans like and who has talent.

Guys McMahon wanted to push and believed were big time over the last few years include Umaga, Kozlov and Khali. One was a World Champion and a major flop. All were big, but none of them had talent enough to be top players in WWE.

I'd be more inclined to trust Triple H. The simple fact is that he worked with guys every day.

To me, those who work in the schedule every day—and work with multiple people per week—obviously know who can and can't cut it. Meanwhile, you have a business guy who knows how to market a promotion but clearly lacks what makes a Superstar today.

He's stuck in the eighties, and that is what kills McMahon.

Talent is one thing. Triple H will not have an issue with me.

Also, he knows what it takes, so no one can complain because The Game has already done it. Is there a match he's never competed in? I don't think so. He also won't put up with crap or make decisions based on the mood he's in at the time.

He'll be keeping Stephanie, his wife, in charge of the things he may not know well in the business world.

Stephanie has been doing many jobs in WWE for the last decade now, which should be a big indication that she knows what she's doing. Two heads are better than one, especially when both worked in the field and each know what WWE needs today.

If this is real, I am fine with it. Things will get better programming-wise. If I wanted to invest in stock, I'd do it now in WWE.

Story-line-wise, I could see McMahon doing a lot of crazy things to get his job back. I also want to see people disrespecting McMahon now that they are able to. He can't do anything, right?

But I don't know. It seems that it's at least somewhat real. McMahon wants his character to be off TV—and has for a while. This is a perfect way to do that and install a new administrative character in Triple H.

If it's 100-percent real, then I am excited for WWE's future.

Triple H is qualified to be where he is character-wise and business-wise, especially if you paired him corporately with his wife.

Two people running it with one knowing one area of the business well and the other knowing the other end of the business could make for a good move.

The biggest question of all: What will programming be like in the next month?


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