WWE: Five Most Controversial WWE/World Title Wins in History

PS SinghCorrespondent IIIJuly 20, 2011

WWE: Five Most Controversial WWE/World Title Wins in History

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    Hey Bleachers. My name is PS Singh and this article is about the five dirtiest/most controversial WWE or World title wins in the history of WWE.

    As you all know, we are fresh off one of the greatest WWE pay per views in years, Money In The Bank 2011. This pay per view was highlighted by the main event, which saw CM Punk CLEANLY defeat John Cena for the WWE championship.

    This was Cena's first clean defeat since September 2009, when he lost to Triple H. I, personally was expecting Punk to win the match, but I never actually believed he would win it as cleanly as he did.

    Why didn't I believe he would win cleanly? Because for years in WWE, heels (although you could argue that Punk isn't exactly a heel anymore) have been made to look weak in most high-profile matches, and rarely these past few years has a heel cleanly won a WWE or World Heavyweight title.

    Nope, instead they were usually given dirty or controversial title victories.

    Basically a dirty win is when a wrestler wins a match by technically breaking the rules, getting interference by others on his behalf or because of crooked officiating.

    These "dirty" wins often make the wrestler who used the dirty tactics (who is generally the heel) look weak, while making the face who lost because of the heel's dirty tactics look strong.

    So, without further ado, here are five of the most controversial World title wins in the history of WWE.

5. Kevin Nash Beats Bob Backlund for the WWF Title in 8 Seconds at a House Show

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    We kick off this list with one of the biggest jokes in the history of pro-wrestling. Kevin Nash beating Bob Backlund for the WWF title in 8 seconds at a house show. Seriously, this was an embarrassment to all of wrestling, it degraded the title and it was the worst way to end Bob Backlund's last title reign in WWE that I can think of. Other than that there's not much more I have to say about it so onto number 4.

4. Vince McMahon Beats Triple H for the WWE Title

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    This match was one of the few times in WWE history, where the heel was the one "screwed" out of the title. It also marked the first and only time where the owner of the company, Vince McMahon, held the WWF championship.

    This match happened a short while before Triple H (kayfabe) married Stephanie McMahon. Triple H would then put his WWF title on the line against Vince McMahon, in a match where Shane McMahon would be the special guest referee.

    HHH would dominate the match, brutalize his (kayfabe) father-in-law and he and his partner, Chyna, would decimate anyone who tried to help Vince, namely Shane, Linda, Pat Patterson and Gerard Brisco.

    That was, until Stone Cold Steve Austin interfered. The Texas Rattlesnake would quickly go take down HHH and then stun both him and Chyna. He then pulled Vince's body onto an unconscious Triple H, allowing Shane McMahon to make the three-count and crown Vince McMahon as the WWF Champion.

    Basically, the reason this title win was so controversial, other than the interference, was because Vince McMahon wasn't actually a wrestler at the time (though he did take some sick bumps). Thankfully, Vince didn't hold the title for long, as he vacated the title the next week on Raw.

3. Andre the Giant, Ted DiBiase and Dave Hebner Screw Hulk Hogan

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    It really is a shame that Andre The Giant's only WWF title win ever had to go down like this. Basically, what happened was that Andre hit an underhook suplex on Hogan after the latter was distracted by Ted DiBiase's assistant, Virgil.

    He then pinned Hogan, but despite the fact that Hogan kicked out at 1, the referee, Dave Hebner, still counted to 3. It was then revealed that Andre and the referee had both been paid off by "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase.

    Andre then proceeded to give the title to DiBiase, but the title was soon stripped from DiBiase, and a tournament was then held to determine the new WWF champion.

    This tournament would be won by Macho Man Randy Savage. All in all, Andre himself held the WWF title for less than one minute.

2. Dolph Ziggler Loses to Edge, but Gets the World Heavyweight Title Anyway

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    The number two spot on this list goes to the complete and total joke that was Dolph Ziggler's first World Heavyweight title "win."

    You see, what happened was that Vickie Guerrero (who was Smackdown's acting GM at the time) banned Edge's Spear from WWE, so that her then-boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler, would have an easier time winning the title World Heavyweight title from Edge.

    Then, after Dolph still failed to win the title, Vickie made herself the special guest referee in a title match between Edge and Ziggler.

    Vickie would end up being immobilized (due to a hilarious spear attempt by her), so Edge hit the Spear on Ziggler and then Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers decided to don a referee shirt and make the three count for Edge.

    However, the next week on Smackdown, Edge was suspended for using the Spear and Dolph Ziggler was awarded the World Championship, without actually winning it.

    It was without a doubt one of the the lowest point in the history of the World Heavyweight title, but thankfully, it didn't last long as Smackdown GM Teddy Long would return and reinstate Edge.

    Edge would then beat Ziggler to regain the title in a squash match that lasted about six minutes.

    The really sad thing about this was that no matter how much Dolph Ziggler accomplishes in his entire career, his first World title reign will always be remembered for what it was: a 15-minute joke.

1. The Montreal Screwjob: HBK vs. Bret Hart at Survivor Series 97

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    Seriously, was there ever any doubt here? The Montreal Screwjob, perhaps the most infamous act in the history of pro-wrestling takes the No. 1 spot on this list.

    The reason why is simple: it was real.

    Basically, Bret Hart, who was WWF Champion at the time, was planning to leave WWE to go to WCW. Vince McMahon was afraid that Hart would leave his company with the title (like CM Punk just did, though that was kayfabe) so he conspired with Shawn Michaels and referee Earl Hebner, to screw Bret Hart out of the title during the Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart match at Survivor Series 1997.

    So, at one point during their title match, Michaels got Hart in the sharpshooter and the referee Earl Hebner immediately called for the bell, despite the fact that Hart (who was booked to win) never submitted. 

    Michaels would quickly leave the ring with the title, as Hart realized that he had indeed been screwed.

    Over the years, the Montreal Screwjob has been parodied and referenced many times in WWE, the most recent time being last night, when John Cena told Vince that he didn't want to be the man who screwed CM Punk, like how Shawn Michaels was the man who screwed Bred Hart.

    Hart may have reconciled with Vince McMahon and Michaels last year, but the Montreal Screwjob will always be remembered as the most controversial title change in the history of the WWE.

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