Top 15 WWE Heels Who Had the Least Impact

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Top 15 WWE Heels Who Had the Least Impact

Hey Bleachers,  I'm going to be straying from my outrageous predictions for the first time and go for a little history lesson.

First off, I feel that I need to define how "impact" will be used here.  The simplest way to put it, if they did something that remains on the collective consciousness of the WWE Universe (even if in another form), they had an impact.

Second, in case anyone here is new, I will define "heel" as someone who is meant to be booed by the WWE Universe. For this article, I will only be considering superstars who were heels during their ENTIRE time with WWE.

In this article, I will present a brief bio outlining a superstar's (or in a couple of cases two superstars') tenure in WWE and then state what impact the performer(s) had on the WWE.  Some may be a stretch as far as impact goes, but hopefully you find this educational, slightly nostalgic, and (most importantly) entertaining.

Furthermore, I'm opting to only go with members of the WWE era, meaning post-WWF.  Therefore, anyone that was not with the company after May 5, 2002 is not being considered. Trust me, there's still plenty of ammunition for this list without going further into history.

Warning: The people that I'll show you on this list may make you say "Huh?", "Who's that?", or "Oh yeah, that guy...".

Note: This was initially a top 10 list, but based on your comments and other memories that came back to me, I had to turn this into a top 15.  The additions are noted and credited to the person who first brought up the addition.

Note #2: It has come to my attention that comments have not been going through for the past several hours (since around 6pm Pacific).  If you have tried to leave a comment and been unsuccessful, feel free to message me directly.  I have notified BR.  Sorry for any inconvenience!

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