Arsenal Transfer Rumours: Why Juan Mata Needs to Be the Gunners' Next Priority

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIJuly 19, 2011

Arsenal Transfer Rumours: Why Juan Mata Needs to Be the Gunners' Next Priority

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    Arsene Wenger had made his first signing of the transfer season when he signed Gervinho to the Gunners.

    The Ivorian striker will be a strong successful target man in the Arsenal set up. He will be able to poach goals when needed, and use his strength to hold up the ball to allow for the players to get into the attack.

    Juan Mata, the young Spanish midfielder, is who Arsene Wenger needs to set his sights on next.

    He has to entice Mata to join the club at the Emirates and leave Valencia behind.

    This is going to be a tough task because Valencia still wants him a lot and so do a few other clubs.

    Mata may take 20 million pounds to sign, but the Spanish playmaker is the right kind of player to spend the money.

    Here is a list of four reasons why Arsene should splash the cash for Mata.

Fabregas to Barcelona

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    With Cesc Fabregas supposedly out the door and on his way to Barcelona, the Arsenal team will be missing a big part of their squad.

    He is a large chunk of the heart of the team. A lot of the ball movement starts with him and is orchestrated by him pulling the strings.

    Juan Mata is a young Spanish playmaker that will not fill Fabregas’s shoes now, but he is a prospect who will certainly contribute a lot right now.

    He will be a player that in the future can pull the strings for the London club. He will show examples of how important he will become during this campaign if Arsene can land him.

Samir Nasri and Juan Mata Partnership

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    Samir Nasri seems to want to follow Cesc Fabregas out the door, but the signing of Juan Mata might just be the sign that Arsenal is willing to do whatever they can to earn a trophy.

    Enticing Nasri to stay would be crucial because the Frenchman would pair well with the playmaking Spaniard. They would work off of each other and create many offensive opportunities.

    The two midfielders would only add to the beautiful style of play that Arsenal brings every season.

    They might just put an end to the disappointment also. A partnership like Mata and Nasri might just bring silverware.

Passing Ability

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    Juan Mata is an orchestrator. He, like Fabregas, can play strong possession-based football that allows him to spot his teammates making runs and capitalize on their hardwork.

    He is a player that can send a long-ball pass in, or a through-ball that can be one-timed into the net.

    There are other players with this ability, but being only 23 and still learning, he could truly mold into the Gunners system.

    When he becomes comfortable, he would be able to make players better.

His Creativity

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    Juan Mata has the style of play that exudes creativity. He can become the fulcrum of the Arsenal team in the future if given the chance.

    He has a knack for the “I cannot believe that just happened" moments, and if Arsenal is not winning trophies, it is always good to have those types of moments coming out of creative players.

    But his creativity is not going to bring only those moments. Just like it was said before, he is a player that can help put the pieces together and add silverware to the trophy case.

    Mata also has pace to go with his creativity. His ability to take players one-on-one and leave them on their heels is a frightening thing for opposition.

    Now with Robin Van Persie, Morouane Chamakh, and Gervinho to feed balls to, his style of play will only help bring Arsenal to a new level.