Amir Khan vs. Zab Judah: Do British Fans Even Like Amir Khan?

Briggs SeekinsFeatured ColumnistJuly 18, 2011

LAS VEGAS - MAY 03:  Boxer Ricky Hatton (C) of England poses with fans as he hosts an event at the Wet Republic pool at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino May 3, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hatton was knocked out in the second round by Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines in their junior welterweight title fight on May 2.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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In less than one week now, Amir Khan will meet Zab Judah in what has to be viewed as a defining fight of his still-young career. In Judah, he has a big-name opponent he should be able to beat.

A victory gives him the IBF's share of the light welterweight world championship, though only a victory over Timothy Bradley will ever make him No. 1 in the division.

But a great showing on Saturday night puts him in that much better bargaining position for when the Bradley fight eventually gets made.

So why isn't there more excitement for this showdown? I have to think you British sports fans will be half off your gourds with excitement and outlandish predictions when we're only days out from the Carl Froch-Andre Ward tilt.

British boxing fans are a great part of the Bleacher Report sight. They are extremely well informed and delightfully guileless in their over-valuing of their own national heroes, in a manner that reminds me of my fellow Red Sox fans.

Everybody I read, watched or spoke with prior to the Klitschko-Haye fight predicted some sort of one-sided victory for the Ukrainian.

Well, everybody who wasn't from that pudding-eating island in the North Atlantic. Pretty much everybody in Great Britain thought, in the words of their great champion, Ricky Hatton, that "he's gorna' do it."

If the talented but still very raw Tyson Fury was fighting a Klitschko brother this weekend, there would be loyal British boxing fans all over Bleacher Report, declaring their belief in him.

I once had a four- or five-reply exchange with a clearly well informed British boxing fan here on Bleacher Report who thought that Carl Froch should be ranked top five in the world...wait for it... 


So where are you people for Amir Khan? You are impressively loyal to your fighters, and here's the one who the rest of the world probably holds in the highest esteem.

I've watched videos of his fights from Sky, so I've see the "King Khan" graphic and I've heard the British announcers nearly have a heart attack every time he puts together a scoring flurry or sustained rally.

But I don't see the outpouring of esteem for Amir Khan from the British boxing fans that I would expect to be seeing this week. I don't see the volume of comments and postings on the Internet from British boxing fans that I expected to see.

Maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough. Maybe they'll flood in at the last minute.

I just remembered their entire government is on the brink of collapse thanks to the Murdoch scandal, so maybe it's just a matter of everybody over there is paying more attention to that.