Top Marlin Lures

Jess KContributor IIIJuly 18, 2011

Summer is here and the Marlins are starting to run. Marlin fishing is very thrilling! Here are a few fishing tackle tips to help hook a big one.

Starting out early in the morning, sometimes it’s an hour or longer boat ride to get to the prime fishing spot; however, using the Hawaiian Eye Lure you can get a line in the water as soon as you leave the harbor. The Hawaiian Eye is designed to be used at high speeds.

It has a very realistic black eye with a golden circle around it which flashes as it speeds through the water. The blue body with a white nylon skirt really attracts attention and when you add a meat trailer you have a real winner.

Once you arrive at the fishing spot you’ll want to change up lures. Using a variety of lures with assorted fishing hook sizes will help entice the fish. One lure that will run great on the short corner slot is a Copa fishing lure called the Cado. The Cado was developed in the late 1970’s and its hand made. In addition to catching fish, it is a work of art. It is a bigger lure with a big black eye and a red rim around it. It has a black, red and blue trailer that really gets the fishes attention.

In the long out rigger slot you want to use a straight running lure. The Pakula Limo Sprocket is the perfect lure for the job. It is a unique lure with a cupped nose that has been known to catch marlin over 500 pounds.

A good universal lure is the Mold Craft Wide Range. This lure, developed in 1977, can be used at a wide range of speeds and water conditions. It has a square nose and a center hole so as it’s pulled through the water it looks like a flat nose bullet.

This combination of lures takes advantage of different movements, fishing hook sizes and fishing rod slots that will make productive fun fishing. You will be ready to enter and win fishing contests, or just be ready to play some amazing fishing games.