WWE: Is CM Punk vs Mr. McMahon the "New" Austin vs McMahon?

PS SinghCorrespondent IIIJuly 18, 2011

Hey Bleachers, my name is PS Singh, and this article is about the similarities between the current feud between CM Punk and Vince McMahon, and McMahon's feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin during the Attitude Era.

Let me start this article by saying I don't like it when people compare current superstars to older ones. Honestly, Miz will never be Chris Jericho, Jack Swagger will never be Kurt Angle and John Morrison will certainly never be Shawn Michaels.

That being said, I have been noticing many similarities as of late between CM Punk and WWE Hall of Famer Austin. Punk and Austin may differ in many ways, but remember, Austin was the first ever "antihero", or "tweener," in WWE history.

A tweener is basically someone who gets a face reaction, but his character has the characteristics of a heel. Stone Cold played a character like this in the late 90s, which started with his famous Austin 3:16 promo, and made him one of the all time greats in pro wrestling.

CM Punk, with his recent shoot promo, and his standing up to McMahon and WWE, has become a tweener very similar to Austin's character. He still behaves like a heel, but like with Austin during his feud with McMahon, fans have recently begun to love his new, rebellious character.

You see, Punk's character symbolizes the same thing that Austin used to. The hard-working everyman who has the balls to stand up to his boss, which is something that a lot of people can connect with, which is why they cheer/ed for both men.

Another similarity between Austin vs. McMahon and Punk vs. McMahon are the characters involved in/prior to both. During each feud, McMahon has tried to gain the assistance of other wrestlers to help him defeat his enemy. In Austin vs. McMahon, his main man was The Rock. In Punk vs. McMahon, trust me, that man will be not John Cena, but Alberto Del Rio.

You see, Vince tried to get Del Rio to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase on a vulnerable Punk, but Punk was able to escape after kicking Del Rio in the head and running away through the crowd. Personally, I believe Del Rio and Vince will form an alliance, similar to the one Vince had with The Rock in 1997, when he went "corporate."

Now I know what you're thinking. If Del Rio will be playing the part of the Rock, then who is Cena acting as? That's an easy one. Cena is playing the part of the good, wholesome face who the crowd starts to shun in favor of the more exciting anti-hero. Cena is playing the role of Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

Look at what's happened these past few weeks. Cena did everything that a good guy would do. Hell, he even got Vince to re-instate Punk after his suspension. But despite all that, Cena has been getting booed even more than usual as of late, even in his hometown of Boston.

Just like how though Bret did nothing heel-like during his feud with Austin, yet Austin was the one cheered on at Wrestlemania 13, during their match.  I don't know if WWE will let Cena turn heel like Bret did though, but I do know that the boos will not stop anytime soon.

I could actually see Cena bring up the fact that he does everything right, yet the people cheer a traitorous rebel, like CM Punk. I could also see him complaining about how Vince cost him the title at Money In The Bank after he returns. (however long that takes) I don't know for sure, but the chances for a Cena heel turn have NEVER been higher than they are at this time. 

While the feuds are obviously not exactly the same, only time will tell us how similar they will become. The great thing about the current storyline is that there are many, many ways they can take it from here. Hell, there is even a pretty good chance that it might do what Austin did in the late 90'. That's right, it could start a brand new era in WWE.

Well, that's it for this article. Sorry it wasn't as long as my articles usually are, but it wasn't really meant to be long, to be honest. Anyway, remember to leave a comment, like this article if you did, if you didn't like it, feel free to tell me why and if you really liked it, then by all means, become a fan.