WWE Money in the Bank Results: Biggest Winners and Losers from the PPV

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIJuly 18, 2011

WWE Money in the Bank Results: Biggest Winners and Losers from the PPV

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    The Money in the Bank PPV was the best WWE PPV in years and the best one of the "PG Era." WWE failed in going the predictable rout this time around and gave the fans very exciting, as well as, shocking entertainment; something that has appeared to be absent from its product for many years.

    With the PPV over we have new champions and much controversy for the upcoming Raw. Smackdown is also going to look somewhat different because of the outcome of their main event.

    So who gained the most and who completely busted in Chicago, Illinois?  

    I will only be talking about the ones who made the biggest impact. Time to cut to the chase and get started. 

Starting with the Winners: C.M Punk

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    We all know who won the most at the PPV.

    That is none other than C.M Punk.

    He has got the title and he is off to do what he pleases with it.

    I would not be surprised if he wrestled in ROH with it like he said.

    He talked the talk and he walked the walked. Congrats Punk. I hope it stays with you for a while.

Alberto Del Rio

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    I said he would win and I was right.

    However, he has that briefcase in hand he does not have to use it soon.

    To him, it may not matter that right now the belt is not in the WWE.

    A lot of things happen in year. Just look what happened in a couple of weeks. 

    Whenever the title does return, he will be waiting. After all, it is his destiny.  

Daniel Byrant

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    This was the second shocker of the night.

    The fact WWE has finally given him his due is incredible.

    People were talking about how Barret and Shamus were going to take this match but Daniel came out on top.

    I am especially excited for the future and for me at least Smackdown just got a bit more interesting! 

Mark Henry

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    I know what people are saying right now, "He won a match against the Big Show. Big deal." Yes, it is.

    By winning this match and what appears to be putting Big show out, he has now put himself in the title picture. He has to be there at this point.

    With the only real person left to be challenged is the champ himself I expect Henry to be in the title picture by the next PPV. We all know he has earned it. 

The Losers: Christian

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    "How could he be a loser? He just won the Championship!" I know. How is he a loser? He got his ass beat down after the match. He is beaten, possibly injured, but he is the champ so everything is OK right? 


    We all know that Orton will input his rematch clause. When that happens and with no stipulations that will favor Christian he will have a hard time defending against him.

    Plus with Mark Henry emerging to dominance he will probably be in the picture as well. He may be the champ, but for right now, it does not appear to be for too long.  


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    He lost the MITB match.

    That was his claim to his title shot. Now that it is gone, what is he supposed to do?

    He will probably involve himself somehow into the title picture but without that briefcase in hand he has nothing to go on or to do.

    He needs to rethink and regroup in order to get himself back to the forefront. 

Wade Barret

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    This bare-knuckle fighter has barley anything to show for himself on Smackdown.

    Yes, he was once the IC Champ but lost it after kicking out his disbanded group the "Corre."

    He was inching away from grabbing the case and have that guaranteed shot.

    With no brief case, no group, and no direction to go in it does not seem like Wade has any real purpose to be on Smackdown right now.

    He better do something to change that because as of this moment his presence on Smackdown does not mean a thing.  

John Cena

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    He lost the title and he is going to lose his job it seems. I can not think of anything else to lose more on the same night than that.

    Although we are going to have to wait and see on Raw if those two infamous words are uttered it does seem clear they will be.

    With no title and soon to be no job, Cena has lost everything he possibly could. 

    Good. I was looking for a good change anyways. Bye Bye.

Vince Mcmahon

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    He lost his most prized procession of the company, the WWE title.

    It had been in the business for over 50 years and dating back all the way to 1963. Buddy Rogers was the first champion. 

    That was than and this is now and right now the WWE champion is not even in the company right now. That is what we are suppose to believe and Raw is going to be a must see because of what happened at the PPV.

    Vinny Mac did everything he could to keep that belt in the company and failed with the help of John Cena.

    Vince has has to do one thing as soon as Raw hits air and that is utter those four magic words that will please millions.

    "John Cena, You're Fired!" 

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    I hope you enjoyed reading this. Tell your thoughts, how i did on this, and who else you believe won and lost at the PPV. I am more than happy to read and reply to what you have to say. =D