WWE Money in the Bank Results: 5 Possible Ways to Deal With the WWE Championship

Justin TensityContributor IIIJuly 18, 2011

WWE Money in the Bank Results: 5 Possible Ways to Deal With the WWE Championship

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    Oh my God...did you see how Money in the Bank ended?

    As it damn well should, it kept us with more questions than answers. Is Christian's title reign legit? How will John Cena and Vince McMahon cope with one another's actions at the pay-per-view? What of Tiny Tim, sir? What?

    How about my question: Is the WWE Championship really gone from Monday Nights?

    Maybe. Or these things could happen.

5. Recognize Ryder's Title

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    I only had four good ideas, but a list of four seems lame.

    How about a real Internet champ? One who only defends his belt on Superstars and NXT but could still wear it proud on Monday Night Raw.

    I know it's not really a solution to a stolen World Title, but these are...


4. Crown an Undisputed Champion

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    There he is. The only World Champion in the WWE without an expiring contract.

    And while I think Christian would make a great Undisputed Champion—the IWC loves him, he's got mic chops, and he's fun to watch in the ring—WWE Creative seems to be uncomfortable making him the man-he's now been champion for five days and two hours officially.

    I could still see an undisputed champion being crowned if it was Cena, Orton or even Alberto Del Rio.

    With the removal of Bragging Rights from the PPV schedule and the name of the video game changing from SvR to WWE '12 it's not so crazy to think the brand division is coming to an end as it approaches its 10th Anniversary.

    One brand, one World Champion.

3. Introduce a New Belt

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    So the Punker took Cena's spinner belt and went home, did he? Good.

    The spinner belt looks silly on everyone but Cena. It was Cena's belt and looked wierd on Seamus, RVD and Jeff Hardy. It was fun to see Cena whip out the belt back in '05 and make JBL look like a stiff while he was a fun-loving man of the people.

    But as the possibility looms of a new era, they need to design a new belt that represents it.

    I can easily forsee Vince introducing a brand new hunk of metal, vacating the title and putting both up in a match between Cena and Del Rio (or Truth, or Rey, or Miz, or whoever).

2. Crown Alberto Del Rio Champion

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    His name? His name is Alberto Del Rio. But you already know that.

    Actually it isn't. But that's beside the point. After his MITB win on Sunday, he can cash in on any WWE Champion. If the title is vacated—an extremely likely possibility—Del Rio could cash in on vacancy, virtually being awarded the title.

    This is one of countless ways they could set up the inevitable Del Rio-Cena title match at Summerslam.

1. CM Punk's Still in Business

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    Sorry guys, JT didn't do his research for this article. From what I've read on Bleacher, caws.ws and other wrestling sites Punk's legitimate contract isn't up until September, and if Vince lets him keep the name CM Punk he's likely to sign an extension.

    It's also been said that before that before leaving ROH, Punk was in a program where he said he was gone on a weekly basis until it actually happened. I see something like that being repeated in the WWE.

    Punk keeps appearing on RAW with the belt until he drops it to Cena or gets cashed in on by ADR.

    As Michael Cole is oh-so-fond of saying, "Anything can happen in the WWE."