Are The Blackhawks Talking About The Wrong Big Name?

Daniel Skiston Contributor INovember 3, 2008

With all the preseason hype surrounding the Chicago Blackhawk’s the goal was to get to the playoffs! When you look at the hawk’s roster all you see is young talent. But when you get to the playoffs you need some experience on the team. With Andrew Ladd having the most, but the way Ladd has been playing looks like he should be playing for Rockford right now. 

Then you have Havlat has some with Ottawa, but that’s not enough. The rumor, of the Blackhawk’s throwing their name in the Mats Sundin sweepstakes makes no sense at all.  The man they should be going after is Brendan Shanahan!

If they make a real attempt for him this would give them veteran leadership, proven scorer, playoff experience, and cheaper the Sundin. We all know that it’s not the Shanahan of old but he’s proven that he can still play. Last year with the Ranger’s he put up decent numbers. In 73 games scored 23 goals and 23 assists.He still has the fire to play the game. With the way that Andrew Ladd, Dustin Byfuglien, and Ben Eager have been playing, Shanahan would be a welcome addition to the leftwing position on the hawks.

If the Hawks were looking to sign anyone then there will have to be some salary cap maneuvering. That could be tricky one of the goalies would have to be moved, and possibly a big contract. But it would be worth it for the hawks in the long run.I’m sure everyone doesn’t want to see the hawks just make the playoffs, but try to make a strong run at a cup. With adding Shanahan would do wonders for this team and city.

If they make a run Mats Sundin it will cost them way too much money and to many roster moves to make that happen. Just imagine that picture with Shanahan raising the cup in a hawk’s sweater.