Chris Drury: The Most Overrated Player in the NHL

Robert GuessContributor INovember 3, 2008

I can already feel the heat I am going to get for this one, but I don't really care. Chris Drury was average last season, if I am lenient. This season he is an entirely different story, awful.

Chris Drury is not producing offensively this season, and he is making lazy plays. A perfect example is on a power play against Buffalo. Drury watched Vanek skate by him to create a two-on-one, and then chose not to back check, leading to the goal that sealed the Rangers fate that game.

Enough of that though, let's take a look at his stats last season.

G: 25

A: 33

Points: 58

+/-: -3

The points aren't bad, but they certainly aren't explosive by any means, especially for a guy who is a $7 million cap hit and a minus-3. I know some people don't believe in the +/-, but I think good things follow good players.

Like I said, last year he was average, but is absolutely not worth his salary.

After fourteen games this season, Drury has been dreadful to say the least.

G: 2

A: 3

Points: 5

+/-: -5

Let's start by saying his first goal against the Islanders was virtually a bounce off of him from behind the net that hit Macdonald's skate and ricocheted in. His second was a slap shot in the same game on a five-on-three that deflected off an Islanders skate, I forgot who it was.

Now I'm not saying those aren't goals, but when a $7 million captain's PROD is almost a full game, how he got his points needs to be looked at. The fact is, his play in the defensive zone has been weak, the offensive zone has been worse, and the neutral zone is just as poor.

A minus-5 is a minus-5, no matter how you want to put it. When he is on the ice, bad things happen.

Do I hate Drury? No, not at all. I would love to see him succeed as a Ranger and prove me wrong. The problem is that Rangers fans make excuses for him and it gets annoying. He's the captain, he's a huge cap hit, and he's been a liability.

It's time he starts earning his money and turning this ship around. As a Rangers fan I am fed up with him and the way he is playing.

One last thought, for a "great" two-way player, he sure has a bad plus/minus. I think that's just something to look into.