WWE Should Consider the Tag Team: The Art of Pro-Wrestling's Multi-Person World

The CauseContributor IIIJuly 17, 2011

We ask for action, we ask for never say die, we ask for unique, we ask for wrestling. Yet after we ask for so much, we are given the "minus touch" of no proper tag-team scene in the multi-mainstream of wrestling known as WWE.

Tag-team professional wrestling was at one point the highlight of every single wrestling event and was the main event. This brought us unique tag teams.

It caught on so much that the tag teams started to increase. Then, instead of makeshift teams, which seemed to be different weekly, we were given teams on a consistent basis—teams such as The Rockers, Midnight Express, Rock N' Roll Express, Steiner Brothers, British Bulldogs and many, many more.

When tag-team wrestling got as popular as it did, it was seen as something that had to be the staple of every single wrestling show ever put on in the world. To this day, it seems no show goes by without a tag-team match of some kind. But are those matches always great? Eh, that would be a HELL NO!

When looking at World Wresling Entertainment, we ask for the above and are given nothing in return but lost expectations and inadequate content. It seems that the more we ask, the less we are given.

To be fair to WWE, they have given us some great tag teams over the years. In fact, WWE at one point was seen as the place to be for great tag-team content. There was one stretch of time when the tag-team scene in WWE was at the highest level it could be in the world.

Teams like Edge and Christian, The Hardys, Dudleys, APA, New Age Outlaws and others were killing it on the tag-team scene in the late '90s and early 2000s. Then, all of a sudden, we were given less competition, followed by less-skilled teams. Some were just thrown together—and it showed, big time.

Sometimes I sit back and wonder: Why would WWE kill off one of the best forms of wrestling, knowing they could be better?

TNA wrestling finally realized one day that they needed to be better than WWE in every way possible, doing what WWE wasn't—which is smarter than trying to be them with far less ability and star power.

Tag-team wrestling went from nothing in TNA to one of most premier products they had. Top teams seemed to be the norm, putting TNA on the map because of their tag-team performances.

Beer Money vs. Motor City Machine Guns seemed to be the best tag-team wrestling you could ever see in 2010-11.

Then, TNA went out and picked up the Young Bucks, who then became Generation Me, adding to TNA's roster. We had teams like LAX from the past and even British Invasion. Not to mention, TNA had Team 3D on the roster, considered by many to be the best tag team of all time.

Every single tag-team performance was considered a five-star Blockbuster. TNA was seemingly doing what WWE did a decade ago with tag-team wrestling.

In 2009-10, TNA looked to be the best place for tag-team wrestling; they were doing so well with it. Some even thought that if TNA did an entire show with just tag-team wrestling, it would be a Blockbuster show.

For their part, WWE at least seemed to understand their flaw in some ways. They cut back on belts and gave us one tag title, which was a good thing considering the lack of teams.

We had a rising team of Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, who were three-time tag champs. Then, WWE idiotically split them up.

What about former Edgehead Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins? It's not like they're doing anything, right? Give them TV time as a tag team!

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are good tag-team performers, why not put them in the spotlight with the titles?

It's as if WWE uses a tag team just to get one person over, then splits them up when one goes after a bigger prize.

I seem to remember that teams could stay together and win titles awhile back. Why not still have that?

Why do we have to break them up, only to lose them in the singles scene?

Keep them together and, sure, push one or both in singles. But when all else fails, at least you have the team to use them in.

WWE goes out and grabs talent from the Indy scene, yet it seems like once they have a great team they break it up when they don't have to. Does every good tag team have to end? And in the same way, too?

WWE is bringing in one team called The Kings of Wrestling. At one point it was thought that they would get the Briscoe Brothers. The Young Bucks are on the market now, too. Add that to the talent they already have, and tag-team wrestling can actually mean something again!

There may be a time when WWE is considered a tag-team hotbed again, which would make other top teams in the world want to go there. But until they invest time in making the product better, we might as well just be spitting across sidewalks.

We need more of a definition of what could be, instead of what might be, in the world of the WWE Universe.


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