ESPN: Extremely Slanted Pedantic Network

Roger GowensCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2008

Occasionally over the last month or so, the Lords of Decorum who pause from their appointed task of judging the ethics or lack of same from one Bobby Petrino, actually report on sports. What a novel idea!

You see, at the same time the Moses' of the sports world with their stone tablets have been bashing Petrino and the University of Arkansas at every opportunity, a far worse situation involving Rich(er) Rodriguez seems to have completely escaped their attention. Unless it's to bash the fans and administration of West Virginia for actually expecting their now former coach to live up to his contract or buy out said contract.

Bobby Petrino, you see, did not have a buyout in his deal in Atlanta. I can see criticizing the guy for resigning with three games left, but the excoriation and continued piling on has been way "over the top." And ESPN commentators urging athletes to spurn Arkansas is downright unethical.

Rodriguez, on the other hand, is trying to get out of paying the four mil his WVU contract, which was signed less than a year ago, clearly stipulated. But is Rodriguez being called a "disingenuous drifter" by the self-appointed "worldwide leader?" If he was, I missed it. Are recruits being discouraged from attending the University of Michigan?

Now, emails are coming to light that show that Rodriguez was threatening WVU officials with his departure if he didn't get his way about additional ways to pad his income.

Sounds like extortion to me.

The more that comes out about Rich(er) Rod's behavior, the worse he looks. Funny, I don't recall Petrino trying to gouge more money from the Felons, I mean Falcons, to retain his services.

With a 3-10 record, it's doubtful if it would have worked, but Arthur "Blanketty" Blank has been known to fire coaches with three games left. Ask Dan Reeves.

In fact, Petrino, who ESPN's Pat Forde said "cared only about himself and his bank account," took almost a two million a year paycut to go to Arkansas, but don't let the facts get in the way of a good bashing, Forde.

Maybe at next year's Espy awards, Bobby Petrino can be wheeled out on a dolly ala Hannibal Lecter wearing one of those restraint masks. Then, have all the Moral Police Force from ESPN and the Atlanta press sic Michael Vick's dogs on the restrained Petrino, obviously the fourth leg of Bush's "axis of evil."

Recently there was another article on here referring to Karma and how it related to Petrino losing his newly hired defensive coordinator. 

Ryan Mallett, the No. 4 rated recruit in the nation in the 2007 class, according to Rivals, recently enrolled at the University of Arkansas. Mallett is transferring from the University of Michigan as a result of Rich(er) Rodriguez's hiring. You see the quarterback knew Rich(er) Rod has little use for passing QBs. 

How's that for some karma?