WWE Creative Has Nothing for You! Do Superstars Need Creative? Ask Zack Ryder

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIJuly 16, 2011

Or even ask Jimmy Wang Yang
Or even ask Jimmy Wang Yang

Years back these words could have put a damper and ultimate stop in your pro wrestling career: “Creative has nothing for you right now. Sorry!”

Well, maybe the "sorry" would not have been used, but you get the point.

Not to say that the sentence above has no value or meaning anymore, because it does. The difference is that you can either let it destroy your career or cease the opportunity to prove yourself.

Back in the day if a certain gimmick did not go over well with the fans, they would try and reboot the superstar. If that didn't go well, the superstar would have been cut.

It’s not that easy for the fans to get over and it’s not that easy to be a heel either. If fans are just not into it, then they’re just not into it. And they'll let their voices be heard.

But today is a new day and a new age; times have changed as technology (i.e., the Internet and social media) has taken over.

Everywhere you go almost everyone has a tool of technology to keep them connected to the Web. Nowadays, people love to be quickly connected and updated on things. Especially with sports and sports entertainment fans—they want the latest updates and want to know what their favorite athletes and superstars are doing.

We have seen current entertainers and wrestlers use these tools to stay connected with their fans and keep them updated on new projects or things they're working on. Some are using current technology to the fullest.


Question: If you’re a superstar on the current WWE roster and aren't being utilized correctly with any TV time to become known, what do you do?

You don’t just sit there and let your career die!

Zack Ryder is a great example, as he is not being utilized. His potential has been ignored, like others on the WWE roster.

After Ryder & Curt Hawkins were separated it was time for each of them to work alone to become successful singles competitors.

But there seems to be a current trend with tag teams that break up. Either one becomes a decent mid-card performer or more while the other gets buried and released, or simply both are let go.

Ryder decided to change things up. He did so by not letting the creative team shut him down.

Ryder created Twitter, facebook and YouTube accounts where he took his gimmick and utilized it to the fullest. He began to release Zack Ryder’s "Z! True Long Island Story" via YouTube.com, creating a buzz and sparking a ton of interest in him. Not only with the fans, but also with his peers on the WWE roster, who are beginning to notice his plan taking shape.

Things got so crazy that we started to see more and more signs at WWE events. It was even rumored on WrestlingInc.com that WWE was confiscating the signs from fans that supported Zach Ryder. Even though Ryder began to make a name for himself all on his own, WWE still seemed to ignore the growth of his fan base.

So, in a way, you still do need Creative, as they are ultimately the ones to give you time on WWE programming.

But how much longer can they ignore the fans?

Are we not to be entertained?!

That’s what the company stands for, correct? Correct. WWE is not dumb. When it comes to sales and growth, they usually jump on it.

Even John Cena (who is a fan and supporter of Zack Ryder) stepped up to the plate and said something of the situation via Twitter.

“CeNation. Ryder has been on internet 22 str8 weeks and has a legit following with zero tv time. Enuff BS. Can we get this kid on RAW!”

Right now they are missing an opportunity to build a new star and more. At the end of the day though, Ryder keeps pushing to grow and build himself.

Other performers have taken notice and are starting to utilize the Web more often.

CM Punk made a great statement to Vince McMahon this past Monday, when he said, “You don’t know how to create a superstar in 2011!”

This statement is great because basically if you give superstars time to shine, especially in today’s times, it's almost easy enough for them to build themselves up.

Look at the Miz—WWE gave him a shot and he ran with it!

Miz might be harshly criticized for his abilities in the ring, but you have to applaud him for his work on the microphone and in the media. He does numerous interviews and keeps up with fans via Twitter. Even though he is feuding with Alex Riley, he still does what he can to keep himself known.

Fans keep saying, "Well, he is feuding with Riley now, so that’s the end of his main-event push." But not to me. To me, this is just the beginning.

Why do you think they picked the Miz to feud with Riley? They did so hoping that the Miz’s status would garner attention with Riley as Riley has been getting the best out of the feud.

It’s time for WWE to step up and stop being scared to push certain stars.

Just like they did with the Rock and Stone Cold, WWE should do the same with current talent: Let them control their destinies, prove themselves and grow.

Especially with today’s technology—anything can happen!