WWE Money in the Bank 2011: Why We Need an Unpredictable Finish More Than Ever

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJuly 16, 2011

WWE Money in the Bank 2011: It's been so hyped up that we all want to see it.

Anything can happen this Sunday, and the results will certainly define the WWE's plan for the future.

The CM Punk-John Cena match will define the WWE championship picture and possibly the company's future in the way that it could be booked.

Will CM Punk leave with the WWE championship?

Will John Cena win as always?

Will John Cena get fired?

Will the Money in the Bank winner cash in his contract and win the title or be the first ever to fail?

Will Vince McMahon or Colt Cabana get involved in some way?

Also, the Christian-Randy Orton match will define the world heavyweight title picture.

Will anyone get involved?

Will the Money in the Bank winner cash in and win or be the first to lose?

Will Orton retain, or will Christian become champion once again?

Those are all questions that will get resolved this Sunday by the time Money in the Bank ends.

But a few of those questions rely on the outcome of the Money in the Bank match.

Just who will win the Money in the Bank matches?

If everything goes as it seems, then the Money in the Bank winners will be Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio, for Smackdown and Raw, respectively.

However, if Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio do win as they are predicted to, then it'll be a waste of a Money in the Bank contract.

Look at the Money in the Bank matches.

The Raw Money in the Bank match has Alberto Del Rio, Alex Riley, the Miz, Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, R-Truth, and Kofi Kingston.

Out of all of the competitors, who deserves it the most?

Alberto Del Rio? Why does he need it when he's already a No. 1 contender?

He's too established to win it. He's even won a Royal Rumble for goodness' sake!

The man will get the main championship sooner rather than later, but a win here will just be a way to ruin his destiny.

He can already contend in the main event and can make it on his own. He doesn't need a briefcase to help him—that stuff's for the young guys. He's already past that stage.

A win at Money in the Bank will not help his push at all, if anything, it'll stall it even more.

Give the briefcase to someone else.

Alex Riley could certainly use it as a rising star with potential to make it far in the business. Plus, he's already had experience carrying the briefcase.

Another star who could use it more than Del Rio is Kofi Kingston.

He's already touched the main event but never completely stayed there for different reasons (specifically for a stupid one), but with the briefcase he can get a push and make it there once again.

He's already over enough. All he needs is that extra support to make it, and the Money in the Bank briefcase can certainly provide that.

Or how about Jack Swagger?

The man was once in the main event, but dropped through the WWE ranks very quickly. A win here could help him get some credibility back.

Why not R-Truth as well?

He's a main-event heel and could use the briefcase to get the title—it seems that he may never get the belt fairly.

As for the other competitors, Rey Mysterio and the Miz are like Alberto Del Rio: They're too established for it. A win for them would be a waste.

On the Smackdown side, we basically have the same dilemma.

The superstars in that match are Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Kane, and Sin Cara, with the favorite being Sheamus.

But why give it to Sheamus when he doesn't need it?

He's established himself as a main-event heel and has been a world champion already.

He's too established for it.

Give the briefcase to someone else.

Why not Wade Barrett? He certainly deserves it. I could explain why, but I'll just let you read my latest article on him to find out.

How about Cody Rhodes?

He's by far one of the most entertaining characters on TV right now, and it seems as though he could become a top heel in the main-event scene soon.

All he needs is that push, and the briefcase can provide that to him.

Or why not give it to either Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, or Heath Slater?

They certainly need it to be established, especially Sin Cara, who seems to be the one destined for greater things.

As for Kane, he's already established as well. Plus, he won it last year, so it'd also be a waste.

Basically, as long as we don't get the predicted winners, WWE Money in the Bank will be considered a success in my book.

Please WWE, don't screw this up. This pay-per-view can define the future, but you have to make the right move to make it a good future.

Make the outcome unpredictable.


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