BREAKING NEWS: Interview with Jack Loew, Kelly Pavlik Update

ChristianCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

Hey there Boxing fans! Yet again, I have the pleasure of breaking news that is first being reported here on Bleacher Report.

When I began, I simply wrote pieces that consisted of my opinions, but to be reporting news that none of the major boxing writers are reporting, and to have relationships with Jack Loew and other titans in the sport is truly a joy.

Today, I called Jack (which was wicked cool by the way) and asked him some questions about Kelly Pavlik and the future. 

Bleacher Report: Hey Jack, how is everyone in Youngstown? Do they see (Kelly's) loss as spilled milk or a major setback?


Jack Loew:The loss actually showed a lot about Kelly's fans. I myself, got so many messages of support and everyone is still extremely positive. It is great for Kelly how the people around here have rallied around him.


B/R: Has Kelly moved on to focusing on future fights?


JL: Yes, he has in fact. I spoke to Cameron Dunkin (Kelly's Manager) and it appears that we will be fighting Marco Rubio. He is the WBC no. 1 ranked contender and in wake of his victory on October 18, he is Kelly's mandatory.


B/R: Yeah I heard seems fuzzy on when and where. Could you shed any light on that?


JL: Yes, CJ, I can. We will be fighting on February (21) in Youngstown, Ohio. The fight will be on HBO and we are currently deciding between two venues.

B/R: WOW! That's great, Jack! What are the venues?


JL: Either (in) the Youngstown State (University) Campus or (at) the Chevy Center, which holds about 6,700. We will sell that place out in no time.


B/R: Jack, the boxing fans at Bleacher Report thank you for this great information and we want to wish you and Kelly the best.


JL: Any time CJ I look forward to talking to you soon and good luck this week.


Jack is such a chill dude, and the fact that he took a break to give me some time and to share this information with us is proof of the down to earth mentality of Youngstown, Ohio.

I think its a great move to stage Kelly's next fight in his hometown. He has earned a homecoming, and it will go a long way to restoring his confidence.

This was my second interview with Jack, my first one can be seen here.

I want to leave you fans with some random thoughts and thanks again for tuning in.


  • Julio Chavez Jr. is the most protected fighter in the history of boxing. This man is a 38-0 junior middleweight with no world title, and is not even a mandatory for any of the "alphabet titles." 38 fights is a tremendous amount of fights, and to be honest the time for record padding is at an end. I cannot believe they actually threw this guy on a pay-per-view card. $39.95...I laughed out loud when the cable operator told me that.


  • Evander Holyfield is destined to become a tragic figure. He is 46-years-old, and is going to fight again. I do not care that it is for a world title again and I don't care that he wants to make history. He has so many problems out of the ring and inside of his head that the last thing he needs to do is risk his life. I think it is UNREAL that sanctioning bodies are condoning this farce.


  • If Winky Wright can win in December, I look forward to seeing him test a world champion early next year. He did himself a huge disservice by demanding way more money then he was worth for over a year straight. His time for redemption is at hand.

Take care Boxing fans.

ps I would like to thank fellow bleacher report writer David Burns who is a contributer to my reports and actually is my camera man too