What If...I Was The Owner Of The Jacksonville Jaguars, Wayne Weaver?

Dwan SamuelCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

I have decided to begin a “What If…” column.  There seem to be so many “what if” possibilities going on in the NFL, I figured I might as well escape to the fantasy by answering my own questions through writing.  This is the very first “What If…” piece, so let me know what you think.

If I was the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars I would…

A) have had very little sleep this entire season while attempting to figure out why my team is inconsistent and barely mediocre after I shelled out tons of cash to improve upon last season.

begin to give tickets away (like I use to) because fans have become outraged and have stopped falling for our “Believe In Now” motto.

be calling former Pittsburgh Steelers’ Head Coach Bill Cowher to see if he would like a front office position and upon the end of the season he would be my new General Manager. Hey if the other Coach Bill (as in Parcells) can turn the Dolphins around, then surely this isn’t a stretch.

call Matt Jones, Reggie Williams, and Jerry Porter into my office to find out exactly what was so funny less than thirty minutes after the lost to the Bengals that they felt the need to laugh hysterically during interviews with the media.

be trying to figure out how I own a team that has three coaches with head coaching experience (Mike Tice, Gregg Williams, and Jack Del Rio) and all three are failing miserably.

have a long talk with Coach Jack Del Rio and tell him that he is on thin ice and that if things don’t change fast there may still be one more head coach fired before the end of the season.

begin to play a more active role in my team (i.e. Al Davis and Jerry Jones). This would be done to frighten players by benching starters and playing rookies and guys who didn’t win the starting spot. It would only be temporary (since it’s not working so well for Davis or Jones), but maybe my aging veterans would realize the gravity of the situation.

H) hold everyone within the organization (who receives a check from me) accountable for our failure.

I) demand 100% from everyone and if anyone does not give that, they would be fired.  The time for understanding and patience is over. 

If I was Wayne Weaver and we move to 3-7, this list would be drastically different. I would figure the season is over at that point and would begin to restructure and prepare for the ’09 season. During this “recession” I would be making sure that I was spending my money wisely on this team. 

Wayne, if you need some help or advice, give me a call.