WWE Money in the Bank Predictions

Ramblin ManContributor IIJuly 16, 2011

WWE Money in the Bank Predictions

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    There has been a great deal of hype leading up to the WWE's Money In The Bank Pay-Per View, usually it's because of the thrilling ladder matches that lead to two new future number one contenders for the belts.

    However, this year it's because of C.M. Punk and his final match in the WWE. Since this Pay-Per View has gotten a lot more publicity from various outside sources such as ESPN, I decided to write my own predictions.

    Thanks for taking the time to read, guys, enjoy.

Match 1: Raw Money in the Bank Match

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    The Raw Money In The Bank Match is pretty easy to predict in my opinion mainly, because WWE did a rather terrible job of picking some of the guys. I have to question why they left out names like Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

    Since those would be two young guys who are more ready to hold the title then about half the field in this match. Before I give you a winner, let me give you a rundown on each participant, and why they won’t win.

    Alex Riley

    Riley has the size, charisma, and athleticism to be a future World Champion. I just don’t think however that they would take a chance in giving Riley the Briefcase and ultimately the Title. Mainly, because he is unproven.

    Vince has been very picky lately for who wins these big reward matches ever since Swagger dropped the ball on his Money In The Bank victory, and had a very forgettable title run.

    Kofi Kingston

    Many will be rooting for this guy. Most likely everyone, but me. I like his in-ring work, but hate him on the microphone. He even showed on this week’s RAW  why he can’t talk like a champion. In the segment where everyone is explaining why they would win, he chooses to talk about Edge.

    I honestly feel the only reason he brought up Edge’s name was he had nothing else to talk about and was just looking for a positive fan reaction.  I like Kofi, but until he works on his talking skills he will stay a mid-card talent like he deserves.

    Rey Mysterio

    Mysterio has had too many knee injuries that I cant see WWE taking a shot on him holding the briefcase. Plus, he is at the end of the line, career wise. Besides these two major obvious points, does anyone really want to see Rey win anyways?

    Jack Swagger

    Swagger is being pushed as a favorite to win, mainly because he has done it before, but after he won he had a very forgettable title run on Smackdown. The title reign made Swagger fall from Vince’s grace and into the mid-card scene.

    I don’t think WWE officials trust Swagger has made enough to be a main event performer anytime soon.

    Evan Bourne

    Bourne is loved by all, but has no size. Let’s face it, if Mr. McMahon looks at Christian’s size at a reason he can’t be a credible World Champion, what hope does Bourne have?


    He already had a title match at the last Pay-Per View. Plus, I don’t think the briefcase will go well with Truth’s character. In fact, I don’t think anything will go well with his character.

    The whole conspiracy angle was refreshing at first, but now they are portraying Truth more as a side-gag, and if they continue him in this role. Then I guess Santino may be getting the pink slip soon.

    Alberto Del Rio

    He honestly could win the briefcase, but since they already gave him a Royal Rumble victory does he really need it?  Add it on with the fact that he is gonna probably be the next No. 1 contender for the title at Summerslam. Though he may win, I say No.

    The Miz

    The one guy that probably needs it more than any of them and that’s why he will win. I’m sure some are saying how does he need it more than the rest?

    Well the answer is simple, he has been getting beat every week since Wrestlemania. Which really hurts him becoming a serious name for the WWE.

    Plus, he is just way to talented to be going around carrying nothing right now. He’s one of only two guys in this match that should win this match and is my pick on who will win.

Match 2: Smackdown Money in the Bank Match

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     The Smackdown Money In The Bank Match, I believe has a better core group of guys. (all corny puns aside)

    To the blind eye, a match with guys like Kane, Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, and Sheamus looks like any winner would go on to be a decent champion.

    However, I’m a little more skeptical.Before I make I selection, I will yet again explain why every other wrestler will not win.


    Cody Rhodes

     He has a stupid gimmick to begin a push as a main-eventer. He's is light years away from being world champion as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't be surprised if by next year, he hasn't even won the Intercontinental Championship yet.



     His victory last year was loved by basically everyone in the wrestling world. Finally, after all those years of hard work, Kane got the title back. He even made a respectable run with it.

    I think however having Kane win it again will just be a waste considering how many young up and comers there are in this match.


    Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater

     I still can't take these names away from each other. I can't make a case why either of these guys should win. Mostly, because I don't know anything about them.

    They had limited mic time until now, and I still see them as blind followers to Wade Barrett then being future world champion. They have to get there characters built more, for them to hold the briefcase.


    Sin Cara

     After all the hype there was about this guy coming to the WWE he has been a ginormous flop. Triple H's first project has struggled adapting to the WWE style. As an added bonus of why he won't win, I have never heard Sin Cara do much talking.


    Daniel Bryan

     One of the best wrestlers in the company, but has got buried since he went to Smackdown. I don't see him winning the briefcase, I would love to be proven wrong. To have him in your main event for Smackdown each week, you are given a good match on a regular basis. 



     He has won basically everything since coming to the WWE a few years ago. He could very well win, but I don't think he needs it, atleast at this point in his career.

    He already is probably the next in line in Vince's mind to hold the title on Smackdown, if anything happens to Orton. He is praised by all in the company.

    He doesn't need it, but they could give it to him, but if he wins it what else does he really have left to do in the company?


    Wade Barrett

     I honestly thought this guy was fast on his way to being WWE Champion after the whole Nexus invasion last June. Unfortunately, creative killed that idea by having them get destroyed by super Cena.

    Since then Wade Barrett, has quietly been demoted to a mid-card role, far from his rumored Wrestlemania match against The Undertaker last year.

    He needs something to put him back in the Main Event Conversation, and this could be it. I pick Barrett to walk away with the briefcase. 

Match 3: Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella

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    Kelly Kelly takes on Brie Bella in her first Divas Title defense. I don't think most people care about this match, but I believe if they are going to make the Diva division as one big joke all of the sudden, then why not let Kelly the most popular diva hold the title.

    She can't be any worse then Alicia Fox, plus she is loved by almost everyone. Until either Kharma comes back, or they sign more athletic talent they need the face of the WWE Divas, Kelly Kelly, to hold the title.

    I predict she will defend in a rather quick five minute match, then she will move on to Melina, I would assume.

Match 4: Mark Henry vs. Big Show

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    This match would normally go to the Big Show, but of late Mark Henry has gotten yet another monster push, which I'm sure will end with no pay off. I'm tired of seeing them give these monsters get major pushes, then have them jobbing to other wrestlers.

    If I recall about five months ago Henry lost a quick match to Wade Barrett in his first singles match. So to have this guy look dominating now is incredibly insulting to the wrestling fan, it makes me think that the WWE thinks we have very short memories.

    Henry can't wrestle either, Big Show is bigger and moves better in the ring, but he will lose so Henry is a credible contender against Orton for the title in a couple months.

    Henry will win in about a eight minute match. If you're like me, I'm sure you will use this match as a bathroom break before you sit and watch the main events.

Match 5: Christian vs. Randy Orton

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    Christian and Orton have had a great rivalry the past few months, ad like all great things it must come to an end.

    Let's be honest Vince never would have given Christian the title if Edge didn't get injured, and I'm sure he regrets giving Christian the quick title run after the Internet backlash they received.

    Orton needs a new challenger after this match I'm sure he will get one. Christian will probably get shoved down to mid-card.

    Yet you can't help, but to sit back and enjoy this match and enjoy watching Christian get one more chance to win the title, even though he will come up short yet again.

    I'm sure this with the lack of star power on Smackdown, it will be one of the better World Heavyweight Matches in the coming months.

Match 6: CM Punk vs. John Cena

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    In the past few episodes of Raw, CM Punk has teased that at Money in The Bank he will walk away as WWE Champion and then leave the company with the title.

    Many are rooting for Punk to win the title, and hope that Cena gets fired. However, this whole storyline has me very skeptical.

    First off, CM Punk has played the I'm leaving card way too much for me to actually believe Punk is ending his WWE tenure in The Windy City.

    I think this is one of Vince Mcmahon's ideas to make more people buy his Pay Per View and who can blame him, it's working. I believe Punk signed his extension a few months back and this is just a big act.

    Secondly, I think the Cena being fired was added, not to make a predictable ending with another Cena victory, but to give Cena time off. It is said that Cena has been wrestling with various nagging injuries, and WWE is afraid to risk Cena tearing a muscle and not being able to wrestle The Rock at Next Year's Wrestlemania.

    So I think this whole "You're Fired" Angle will be a great way to give Cena a few months of before the Wrestlemania build up.

    Lastly, I can't help with the recent involvement with Mr. McMahon that CM Punk will get some helpful interference from the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment.

    The fact is Vince hasn't been his usual evil, vindictive self in the past year or so.Him screwing Cena, not only for the title but for his job would be an excellent way to put more fear back his character again.

    I can see CM Punk winning the title, and with all the praise he has gotten from everyone the past month, I can see him easily carrying the brand while Cena goes on vacation.