WWE's Voice of the Voiceless: Why CM Punk May Bring Change to WWE

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIJuly 15, 2011

When it comes to the WWE, it is a love-hate situation (as of late).

With no other competition to contend against the ever growing WWE; this leads to WWE doing what they want.

WWE can let go of wrestlers…entertainers carefree now-a-days without the threat of them going to a company that was in contention with the WWE.

They can put certain segments on the program that are not found very entertaining to some but they still do so…because they can and will!

Now there is that other company name (TNA) Impact Wrestling, but WWE is so far ahead right now that Impact Wrestling is not even considered a threat.

No jab thrown at Impact Wrestling but the company still has kinks to get there before even considering being completion or a threat at that to the WWE.

Now back to the WWE…even though the company is the top leader in the sports entertainment field not everything they do is cheer upon.

And as we all know CM Punk hit most of the points in his infamous shoot promo a few weeks ago on Raw.

This has brought major attention to the WWE not just with fans but some decent media attention.

Currently WWE has been criticized for not pushing certain talents, the booking and overall product.

But could things possibly change?

If so when? We the fans would hopefully hope soon.

But maybe just maybe true pro wrestling fans pray may be heard.

Right now we are the voiceless just like others like Colt Cabana and Luke Gallows who were let go by the WWE.

But for now we have a mouth piece that demands to be heard!

That being CM Punk, who is sitting in a very interesting position as of now.

It’s no secret WWE wants to re-sign CM Punk as star power is lacking right now and CM Punk star power has raised sky high.

This is why if Money in the Bank goes over well, we as fans win not only by witnessing a great PPV but maybe as change may come.

If Money in the Bank goes well it’s thanks to one key factor: CM Punk, as he garnered the attention the event needed!

The energy around the WWE product as of late has been very high with former employees turning into fans just to witness and enjoy the event.

CM Punk is making a big statement: not everything goes the WWE way and maybe they should reconsider some of their standings on things.

Win or lose CM Punk wins in the end as John Cena may keep the championship but WWE/Vince McMahon loses a great aspect to their roster.

So here is to change and to Money in the Bank as we may experience a historical moment in WWE history!