Son of Former WWF Wrestler Cut from WVU Football Team Following Armed Robbery

Scott PauleyAnalyst IJuly 15, 2011

West Virginia redshirt sophomore linebacker Branko Busick—son of former WWF wrestler Big Bully Busick—was booted from the football team earlier this week.

Head coach Dana Holgorsen cited a violation of team rules as the deciding factor in the dismissal of Busick, while the fact that Busick was arrested earlier in the week for armed robbery was most likely the underlying motive.

However, it appears that Branko’s brush with criminal activity was not a one-time thing.  He was arrested a second time on the same charge—based upon a complaint filed on June 23, 2011. 

So not only does the head coach of the Mountaineers enjoy pushing the law-abiding envelope on occasion, it seems he has been teaching his players a thing or two about brushing with the law.

Holgorsen was asked by police to leave a bar and casino in Nitro, WV on May 18, 2011 due to his refusal to cooperate with casino employees. 

Following the news of Holgorsen’s less than adequate behavior, reports of other incidents involving Holgorsen and his lack of sobriety in public began to surface.

Eventually, Holgorsen was able to get rid of Bill Stewart and take over as head coach a year early.

One must only wonder if this latest run-in with police is simply part of what Mountaineer football has become.

Where is the program headed? It definitely has the potential to play good ball.

However, at what price to the fans and the State of West Virginia?