WWE News: CM Punk's Finale Will Be the Greatest Moment for WWE's Last Rebel

Tom KinslowChief Writer IVJune 26, 2016

Sunday night is the pinnacle for CM Punk.

For the better part of a month, the Straight Edge Superstar has crafted one of the most compelling storylines in recent wrestling history, and at Money in the Bank, his swan song will be the fitting conclusion for Chicago's wrestling virtuoso.

Punk has become the the WWE's last rebel in a world where everything is sanitized all to appease the PG corporate gods that Vince McMahon worships.

Those gods have tapped John Cena as their spokesman, and Cena is the embodiment of everything wrestling purists hate. On Sunday, these two worlds will come face-to-face in Punk's hometown of Chicago, with drama and suspense dripping from every second.

In the last month, Punk has issued his rallying cry, and it is the same desperate plea that has echoed around internet forums and arenas for years.

It is the cry for change, and with every compelling promo echoing that sentiment, the challenger's legend has grown.

Now, on Sunday, he is going to put his finest performance on display for the wrestling world to see, carving his legacy in stone.

Win or lose, new contract or future endeavors, Punk will go down in wrestling history, for he has injected energy into a lifeless, bland product.

On Monday night, in Cena's hometown of Boston, the fans weren't cheering for the champion, but rallied around Punk, chanting his name and shouting "We want wrestling" at McMahon.

The challenger once again stood up for all of the fans who have been ignored for so very long, and his rallying cry has turned him into a fan-favorite, as people have rushed to YouTube each Monday night in search of his latest diatribe against the system.

No one has captivated a WWE audience like this since the death of the Attitude Era, and the wrestling world is absolutely buzzing because of it.

Punk has spit in the face of the PG mantra, and it has created the best angle the creative team has come up with in ages. 

For the challenger and the fans, Sunday it isn't just another main event on the WWE calendar.

Sunday night will be an exorcism.

It will be a cathartic release, as Punk gets to show the depths of his immense talents in the main event in his hometown, with the crowd solidly behind him.

Whether he stays or goes after the final bell is one thing, but regardless of the future, Punk will have changed the face of wrestling.

He may not have the size of John Cena or the marketability of Hulk Hogan, but he has proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that workers like him have a place on the marquee in McMahon's wrestling monolith.

Punk hasn't just captivated the crowd, he has stolen it from Cena and made them his own.

On Sunday night, when his music hits, the arena will come unglued, and the main event will usher in a new era of wrestling.

The Chicago-made challenger may not be around to see it, but it will be the CM Punk era.