42 Years in the Making: The Super Bowl Highlight Reel, Part 1

Trevor BentleyCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2008

I know everyone is looking ahead, but I want to take a look back at the great moments of the Super Bowl, such as Elway's leap or the 'upset of upsets'.

I will give you my top ten favorite Super Bowl moments...


10. The Beginning of a Dynasty 

The Patriots' era begins when a sixth-round draft pick by the name of Tom Brady stepped onto the field. Only a second-year player, Brady played in the biggest game of his life and led the Patriots to the final drive that led the Patriots to their first of many Super Bowl wins.


9. John Elway's First Win

Coming into Super Bowl XXXII, John Elway's track record in the Super Bowl wasn't the greatest.  The Broncos were going into their fifth Super Bowl with an 0-4 record. That night was different as Terrell Davis, who won the MVP award later that night, ran for 157 yards and a Super Bowl-record three touchdowns to lead the Broncos to their first NFL championship and break the NFC's streak of Super Bowl victories at thirteen.


8. The Final Bus Stop

Super Bowl XL featured a little trickery from MVP Hines Ward, a lot of help from the Seattle Seahawks and a huge boost from the Terrible Towels.  This all added up to a handful of football fortune and, 'one for the thumb.' 

The Steelers' 21-10 victory in the Super Bowl was their record-tying fifth, but the first since 1980, and the first ever for Bettis and Cowher. Ford Field could easily have been Heinz Field—or Hines' field.  Willie Parker broke a record 75-yard touchdown run. The Steelers earned that elusive ring and completed a magic Bus ride that made Bettis' homecoming—and farewell—a success.


To be continued with Part 2...