What If You Had A Second Chance to Make That Putt?

ZipCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

I like to call it the rebutt putt.  Imagine yourself on a golf course.  I know—it isn't hard to do.  You have just hit a brilliant approach shot into the green, and you have an excellent chance for birdie. 

The putt isn't a give away, but it is makeable.  You are eight feet away with a right to left break.  You hit the putt. The speed is good, but you overestimated the break and the ball rolls just right of the hole. 

What if you had the chance to do it over again?  That's what I like to call the rebutt putt.  If you make the rebutt putt then that is the score you write down for your round.  Remember, this rule is only applicable for amateur play. 

The professionals have caddies to read the greens along with in depth yardage books.  They don't need a second chance, but we do.  We need another way to even the playing field. 

It's never too late to apologize, and it's never too late to—rewind—and sink a putt.  Honestly, I have extended the rebuttal to all types of shots.  What began as the rebutt putt has turned into the rebutt drive, fairway iron, chip, and bunker shot.  I figure I might as well implement this great philosophy onto all areas of play.

My favorite part of the rebuttal is when my rebutted shot is better than the original.  Hitting a solid rebutt is mere proof that the theory works.  Clearly, I know how to hit the shot—I just didn't do it the first time around. 

And then, when I make a solid rebutt, I yell at the golf course in defiance shouting, "REBUTT THAT!"  Oh believe me I do.  It gets me amped up and improves my play for the rest of the round.

In golf you can either play by the rules and get schooled OR you can fidget with the rules and show the course who's the boss.  Golf is not a game of perfect, but adding the rebutt stroke to your game will certainly make perfection more attainable. 

We can't all be Tiger Woods.  I'm sorry, his greatness stands alone.  But next time I miss a makeable putt, I will proudly rebutt that putt.  After sinking the rebuttal I will imitate Tiger with a fist pump and a very audible Johnny Drama like call of "Victory!"