You Want the Truth, Then Here It Is: 8 Personal Opinions on the WWE and TNA

Jesus Rocha@jrocha104Analyst IIJuly 16, 2011

You Want the Truth, Then Here It Is: 8 Personal Opinions on the WWE and TNA

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    For the past few months, I have written articles where I paid tribute to my favorite wrestlers, showed humor, brought back the war series, and recalled history.

    There have been many feelings building up inside me about WWE and TNA that I have to share with everyone and get off my chest.

    Many of these feelings are recent. Others have been inside me for a while and have shared, but haven't told the entire truth.

    This article will feature strong opinions and I may say things that may offend fans. I just want to say that it isn't personal, so I apologize in advance.

    One guy's opinion may not matter to some of you, so if you don't like what I say, then too bad.

    First of all, if you don't like opinions, then you shouldn't be here. Go somewhere else where you'll get treated like a kid and get approved of simple-minded comments.

    Second, don't bring your speeches to the comment section. These are my opinions, not some panel for you to give me paragraphs to read.

    I promise not to get too controversial since I don't want to get the B/R officials mad and kick me out.

    So, if you are ready to read it all, then click on over to the next slide and begin reading.

    Let the showtime of a lifetime begin!

Drew McIntyre: The Future...of Boring Me to Death

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    There have been a few new superstars debut with the WWE in the past few years.

    Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus are two superstars that come to mind that actually caught my attention. Both have something in them that can actually make them a bigger star.

    One man that I don't seem to like—never have, and maybe never will—is Drew McIntyre. The so-called "Chosen One" is nothing more than a boring superstar to me.

    I never liked him ever since he debuted, started winning every match, and got a push like if he was the next John Cena.

    Guess what? He sucks, is boring, and has nothing going on at the moment.

    Oh, he is Triple H's buddy? Who the hell cares?

    Just because you are friends with a main-head in the company doesn't mean you deserve a push. Sheamus got one, but it went on a downward spiral for a few months.

    McIntyre got it worse since he isn't doing anything on Raw, and the crowd doesn't seem to give two ***** about him.

    People always tell me that he is a good wrestler and all this other crap, but I don't see it.

    They said he was awesome in the Elimination Chamber earlier this year. Awesome? Throwing people through the pods is awesome?

    Yay, he through people through pods and acted violent—give him a push and another championship reign.

    As far as I am concerned, I won't be anticipating any McIntyre match any time soon.

    I'd rather see him get released so the WWE can save money and give someone else with talent a push.

Television and Knockouts Tag Team Championships: Time to Pack Them Up

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    In the wrestling industry, the championships a wrestler wins shows the hard work that he, or she, went through to win them.

    Things work a bit differently in TNA, or whatever the hell it's called these days. There are three titles that plain-out don't mean anything.

    Those three championships are the Television Championship and the Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

    I won't waste time and will say this the easiest way possible—the Television Championship is nothing more than a worthless gold strap meant to make someone look good.

    The title has no freaking prestige as it started out as Booker T's own championship. The title has also been through several name changes that I don't know if it's still called the Television Championship.

    The Knockouts Tag Team Championship started out with some prestige due to there being a lot of talented Knockouts on the roster, but now they mean nothing.

    To be honest, I forgot the Knockouts championships even existed. I was surprised to find out that they were still even in the company.

    Want to know exactly how much they suck? The Television Championship is held by Eric Young. Eric effing Young.

    And I don't even know who the hell the KO tag team champions are. That's how much they are meaningless.

    I know these championships aren't really a big deal, but I just wanted to air this out.

Randy Savage Hall of Fame Induction: Damn You WWE for Waiting This Long

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    This past May, the wrestling world lost Randy Savage when he died after having a heart attack while driving.

    The WWE paid tribute to Savage the following Monday night on Raw with a video showcasing his career.

    Many people know that the time to induct Savage into the Hall of Fame is coming in 2012. The thing that makes me mad is the fact that NOW is the time to induct him.

    Savage hasn't been on the good side of Vince McMahon for years, and now that he has passed away, I bet McMahon said, "Well, I guess we have to induct him now."

    It sucks that Savage and McMahon never managed to work things out between them.

    No, I don't believe that story involving Savage and Stephanie McMahon. I would rather believe Vince hated the fact that Savage left since he was McMahon's favorite.

    If Savage is set to be inducted into the Hall of Fame next year, then I will actually be a bit more upset than happy.

    After all these years, the only way Savage was going to get inducted was after he left this world.

    All I can say is that the WWE is stupid for waiting this long, and for inducting Savage after his death.

    Still, may "Macho Man" Randy Savage rest in peace. His legacy will never be forgotten.

Jeff Hardy Trial: How Long Can It Take to Decide an Easy Case?

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    For those who don't know, Jeff Hardy got arrested in 2009 for possessing drugs and his case went to court, where his fate will be decided.

    You'd think the case would've been easily solved, but you're wrong.

    As of this writing, Hardy still has not been declared either not guilty or guilty. Does it really have to take two years to decide his fate?

    Either he was the sole owner of the drugs he had in his possession at his home, or he wasn't. Make up your mind.

    Hardy hasn't been to court for months, so the case keeps getting postponed month after month.

    I won't be surprised to find out that Hardy's drug problem hasn't stopped, and he's still doing them. We all remember Victory Road 2011.

    It seems like it was only yesterday when Hardy was awesome and the most popular guy on Smackdown feuding with CM Punk.

    Now he is in TNA, where his future is still not known, but I have read rumors that the company is planning on bringing him back.

    Just freaking great.

    When will TNA learn that unless Hardy sobers up, then there is no use in having him in their company, paying him every week?

    Jeff Hardy was once the most popular wrestler. Now, he is just a worthless human being, who doesn't know what to do with his own health.

Sting as the Joker: Can the Genius Behind This Dumb Idea Stand Up?

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    Recently in TNA, there has been a new side of Sting that we haven't seen before.

    He is more dark, his face paint is a bit smudged, he started laughing maniacally, and he is doing all these other things that just don't seem like him anymore.

    It seems like I have seen this before somewhere. Oh yeah, I know: It's the freaking Joker!

    It's one thing to borrow a character's persona and give it a twist, but its another if you don't do anything original.

    If you don't give it a twist, then basically it's plain boring.

    If I want to see someone act like the Joker, then I will watch The Dark Knight. I don't need to waste time watching someone pretend to be him.

    "But Sting actually plays the character well. You should give the gimmick a chance."

    Guess what? I'd rather watch that stupid RoboCop moment in WCW than watch an old man run around acting like an idiot.

    Sting's old crow character was taken from a movie, but at least he gave it his own twist without acting dumb.

    Sting as the Joker is stupid and makes me want to change the channel during TNA more than I do watching Hulk Hogan and his super friends.

    What's next in TNA? Someone is going to start wearing green and leave riddles behind?

    For now, I guess I will have to deal with an old geezer running around acting like an idiot...who is now the world champion?


Chris Benoit: Don't Dare Say His Career Sucks Due to His Personal Life

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    I decided to give everyone that made it this far a surprise. I will share my personal opinion on the late, great Chris Benoit.

    In 2007, Chris Benoit took his own life after taking the life of his wife and his son first. The wrestling world was in shock when they read the news.

    Soon, the WWE did whatever it took to never mention Benoit again and basically erased him from history.

    The fans would also share their own mind by criticizing Benoit and saying he is a pathetic human being.

    Fans soon started to say he sucked and that he shouldn't be anyone's favorite wrestler. If one were to mention how they liked Benoit, then fans would say they liked a murderer.

    Well guess what you haters—I say Chris Benoit is a legend and is one of the best to ever step foot in a wrestling ring.

    If you criticize his wrestling career due to his personal life, then find some other excuse because that makes no freaking sense.

    The Benoit incident didn't occur in the ring, in the locker room, or anywhere near a WWE ring. It occurred on the outside world.

    Saying Benoit is not a great wrestler due to his personal life would be like saying Sid Vicious didn't make good music due to his personal life.

    Find some better excuses when explaining why we shouldn't like Chris Benoit, because the current one isn't working.

TNA Impact Wrestling: Does the Wrestling Really Matter to Them?

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    A while back, TNA decided to go with a new change in their company. No, it didn't involve kicking out the old geezers.

    TNA started to claim that wrestling now mattered in the company, and everything was now going to be different.

    Did we actually see a change?

    Well, all I saw was the change in colors of the ring ropes and stage in that bland Impact Zone.

    For some strange reason, every time Impact starts—oops, I meant Impact Wrestling—we always get a 10-plus minute promo.

    Really, that's how you want to start off a show where supposedly wrestling matters? By making us listen to a promo every week?

    Hooray to the company that claimed they went through change, yet still don't start off a show with WRESTLING.

    And the show always seems to start with Immortal talking every week.

    It's also one thing to claim that wrestling matters, yet start the show with a promo-extravaganza, but to have matches last less than 10 minutes is another.

    Why have matches where a viewer waits for it to get good, but before they notice, the match is over?

    To me, this whole "wrestling matters" crap is just another way to make the WWE take notice of TNA. The WWE may take notice at first, but they'll shrug it off.

    It's all just some b.s. claim with new colors, but with the same stupid booking and old geezers that are still thinking they are in their 20s.

    The young talent in the locker room deserve better than standing in the side-lines, watching the old men hog the spotlight.

    At least the X Division had their own time to shine at Destination X. Now that was what TNA is meant to be like every week.

    I can wait for the true change to start in TNA, or Impact Wrestling, or whatever the hell they are called.

    The problem is that I don't think I can wait that long.

John Cena: The Haters Need to Seriously Calm Down

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    The man that nobody seems to like these days in the WWE is John Cena.

    Actually, nobody has liked him for years ever since he was drafted to Raw and became the face of the WWE.

    I admit that I don't like Cena and don't like him always winning. In reality, I don't like his character—just his character!

    People these days take things way too seriously and cross the line when it comes to hating Cena.

    I have seen people write on the Internet how Cena sucks. Yeah, that is nothing, but honestly I have actually seen people write that Cena should die.

    Really? What has Cena done to make you want him to die?

    Oh, he is always winning matches and your favorite superstars aren't getting a push because of him? Get a freaking life.

    Then come the haters that get other innocent people involved, and those innocent people didn't really do anything but like Cena.

    Recently on Twitter, there was some idiot that actually wrote this:

    "The kids that ride the short bus to my nieces elementary school r the only 1s I see wearin @johncena shirts. They were jipped twice in life!"

    How pathetic must your life be to actually write that?

    It's one thing to hate the Cena character, but to get his fans involved, especially handicapped children, in a pathetic hate comment is stupid.

    Yes, I don't like his character and make fun of him once in a while, but that is just for fun, and it's criticizing his freaking character.

    You'll never see me on Twitter writing those type of idiotic comments. If you wrote that comment and are reading this, then you should go to hell.

    Wait, actually there is someone else like Cena in the WWE, yet is praised like if he is the anti-Cena and is said to be awesome. His name is...

Randy Orton: The Anti-Cena or the New Cena?

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    Recently, I have seen a new Randy Orton on Smackdown. No, not because he grew a beard, but because he is exactly like John Cena.

    People complain how Cena always does the same moves and wins matches out of nowhere after getting beat-up for almost the entire match.

    Well, Orton has also been in those situations in the past months, so what's the point in complaining about Cena?

    Honestly, Orton has been boring to me since he made the transition to his new character on Raw a while back.

    We seem to see Orton do the same moves, like Cena, and then wins matches out of nowhere, like Cena.

    That is the so-called anti-Cena? The man that does the same things as Cena?

    Also, it doesn't help knowing Orton moves like a robot in the ring. I think that's the reason why he puts on so much baby oil.

    Not only does he suck in the ring, but Orton has been part of many controversial moments these past few years.

    He is supposedly the reason why Mr. Kennedy got released, why Kofi Kingston got de-pushed, and won the World Heavyweight Championship two days after Christian won it.

    Is he the true culprit behind these events? Maybe so. Does it make me mad deep inside? Of course it does.

    Do I think the WWE cares what Orton does? Of course not.

    As long as he is the crowd-favorite and brings in money, then he won't leave the main-event scene any time soon.

    Also, you Ortontron fans needs to relax. He isn't that awesome, and the only time he has good matches is when he is put with good wrestlers.

    Only time can tell what will happen with Orton on Smackdown as the face of the brand.

Didn't Like My Opinions? Then You Shouldn't Be Reading This

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    A place without opinions can be boring as hell. Luckily, I am not part of those people that like to hold back and be a good little writer.

    I think that we would all be pretty bored in this world without some conflict occurring once in a while. Don't you agree with me?

    Trust me when I say this—I don't care what you think of my opinions, and I don't care what you are going to complain about in the comment section.

    I stand by what I said, and there is nothing that will change my mind.

    I ain't driven by fear—I am driven by anger. The more you people complain, the more it gives me the rush to say whatever I want.

    Feel free to share a comment below. Like I mentioned in the beginning, this isn't some panel for you to write me paragraphs to read.

    If I offended anyone reading this, then I apologize once again. It's nothing personal—it's just the truth.

    Honestly, I don't care how successful this article gets. All I care about is sharing my own opinions and letting everything off my chest.

    Until next time.


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