New York Jets: Dead Zone Offense

Mike SullivanContributor INovember 3, 2008

Why do the Jets continue to move the ball down the field, only to get gun-shy once they hit the red zone?

As soon as they sense where they are on the field they go into the dead zone offense.

It seems like they feel comfortable knowing they are in field goal range.

Any defensive coordinator must know what is coming then.

It's either run between the tackles or a wide receiver screen. I believe they have thrown one fade route in the Cardinal game, which is also a minimum risk play.

Brett Favre didn't remember if he ever threw a fade pass before that one.

Favre has played his career throwing into the middle of the end zone. Why don't the receivers cross in the back of the end zone or the tight ends sit down at the goal line?

The coaching staff must change their philosophy inside the dead zone. I cannot recall any other legitimate contending team, other then the Super Bowl Ravens, being scared to go for the gusto.

Jets fans would roar when the ball is on the 18 yard line and Favre play fakes to Jones and sticks one in the gut of the Keller!

It's Brett Favre; he's a gun-slinging legend.  Let the man throw the ball.

I hate to harp on things after a solid win but I feel this team can do so much more.

It has to fall on the coaching staff. Either Mangini needs to tell Schottenheimer to open it up, or Schottenheimer needs to go to Mangini and demand more rope on his lifeline.

A solid, but somewhat nondescript win on the road could have been a statement game that shouted, "Here we come!".