WWE: Giant Gonzales Could Have Been World Champion

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIJuly 15, 2011

Black Division

Jacob Waring vs. Chinmay: Best WWE Superstar to spend less than a year with the company, but could have been World Champion.

You are probably thinking I've lost my marbles and I need to be sent to an asylum. I assure you that I am mentally and rationally fine. I'm also not trying to be humorous in any way, shape or form with my selection for this Creature vs. Creature article.

I honestly do believe Giant Gonzales could have been a World Champion but me being a logical individual, I needed more than just my gut instincts to choose.

I admit that Gonzales would not be the first to spring to even a hardcore wrestling fan's mind, but for whatever reason, he was the first name to pop into my mind. I searched the uncharted parts of the internet to see if Gonzales was indeed a logical choice and not utter lunacy. The fragmented pieces of information fit perfectly to where I am without a shadow of a doubt that if the stars were to align in the perfect formation, then he would of been a World Champion.

First off, I know many of you will cry foul, claiming, "Giant Gonzales is not World Champion material!" I had the same thought till I remembered The Great Khali having been a World Champion back in 2007. We can all agree that Khali is not a ring general or the most mobile in the ring, yet he became a World Champion. Giant Gonzales was a better wrestler and could speak the English language alot better then Khali.

So bottom line is that if Khali was good enough to be World Champion then Gonzales would have been good enough as well.

Giant Gonzales debuted in January of 1993 and his contract ended on October 7, 1993. During the year 1993, there were only three wrestlers who held the WWE title and they were Bret Hart, Yokozuna and Hulk Hogan. As we all know, the Giant Gonzales feuded with The Undertaker for the majority of his WWE tenure. 

Why does that random smash-up of facts matter? Well, they matter because it shows that there was only one small window of opportunity to even try to win a world title. The only time he could have been World Champion was after his feud with Undertaker.

Gonzales would have been the perfect transitional champion, as Yokozuna could have dropped the title to Gonzales then to be in a Loser Leaves Town Match against Bret Hart. In my mind, this is a feasible way for Gonzales to be a World Champion without the title losing prestige and would have made Bret Hart a bigger fan favorite.

Even with the fur suit, he was an intimidating monster of a wrestler who could have been a far more credible champion then Khali. Gonzales was simply utilized for the benefit of the Undertaker as he helped Taker get over as The Deadman and an unstoppable force. At the end of the day, you know it would have been a phenomenal way to utilize Gonzales in the short amount of time he was with the WWE.

Upon being enlightened while writing this article, I wondered if the proceedings of my thought process before had been but a dream. It was hard to believe that I seriously considered that the Giant Gonzales could in fact have been a World Champion. Now, with the idea solid in my mind's eye and typed for all to see, I stand before you with iron conviction that the Giant Gonzales could have been a World Champion!

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