WWE: Vince McMahon Should Let CM Punk Take the Championship to Ring of Honor

Charlie Taylor@chuck__taylorContributor IIIJuly 15, 2011

There are many different scenarios and possibilities as to how this Sunday’s Money in the Bank WWE Championship match will end, whether it be Cena winning clean, the RAW Money in the Bank ladder match winner cashing in post-match and taking the title, or a slew of other things that could be going through the minds of the WWE creative staff.

However, the one scenario I am about to throw at you is likely one you won’t expect and I don’t mean that in an awful "Vince Russo swerve" kind of way. I mean it in a good way. Now, it is probably the most unlikely of any ending you will read this weekend, but it could also be the most fun.

Let’s say for a moment that in front of his home town of Chicago, CM Punk is able to do the unthinkable and defeat John Cena. With the win, not only would Punk be able to fulfill his prophecy of leaving the company with the WWE Championship upon the completion of his contract, but he would also get John Cena fired in the process. 

While nobody is going to believe Cena is gone for good, he would have to be held off of TV for at least a few weeks.

CM Punk wins and leaves the company with the belt and decides to go be the best in the world somewhere else. Now obviously, he would never be able to do this without consent and an agreed upon deal in place.

Because this angle has blown up and become so white-hot, Vince McMahon has taken care of that and inked Punk to a long-term deal, but that is top secret and is not getting out to the “Internet fans” at all costs. Where does CM Punk resurface?

At the first Ring of Honor television tapings under the new ownership, the Sinclair Group.

Done spitting out your coffee? Good. Now hear me out.

This isn’t unprecedented. Now that CM Punk would now have a deal in place, him appearing for another company isn’t a threat for WWE. CM Punk can appear at the taping with the belt, making the same claims he is now about being a wrestler and wanting to wrestle.

He can talk about coming back to Ring of Honor because it’s pure and everything WWE isn’t. With the mic work CM Punk has been doing the past few weeks, there is no doubt in my mind he could make this work and get this over in a big way.

By appearing at that one set of Television tapings, CM Punk would be able to appear on the very first month of ROH shows under their new re-launch by new ownership. It would give them a huge amount of buzz for their first few shows, as CM Punk continues to appear carrying the WWE Championship the whole time.

Meanwhile, WWE holds a tournament to crown an “interim champion” or something to that effect. They have qualifying and tournament matches for a few weeks on RAW. Upon the finals of the tournament, CM Punk makes his glorious return to WWE. Only he is not alone.

Punk could be in tow with several top ROH stars: Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Shelton Benjamin, the Kings of Wrestling, Colt Cabana, or any number of others.

The Ring of Honor stars would attack both men in the finals, then proceed to destroy everything in their sight just like the Nexus, and Punk could proclaim on the mic in front of the whole world that now that he has taken the WWE Championship to ROH, they are now the premier wrestling company.

The WWE could continue to try and crown a “fake” champion, but as long as Punk had that belt, he will be the best in the world.

Weeks later on WWE television Vince McMahon is infuriated beyond anything he has ever seen taking his wrath out on anyone in range. Vince would make proclamations of people needing to step up and stand up for WWE.

Punk and crew could show up on further RAW episodes and convince other former ROH superstars such as Daniel Bryan, Tyler Black (in WWE developmental), and Low Ki (formerly Kaval) to join the movement and to rid professional wrestling of the WWE forever.  

Eventually this would lead to Vince having no other choice but to hire back John Cena to take down Punk and save the WWE. Cena can come in like the hero and start to form an alliance with other WWE stars to help him eventually overtake Punk to win back the belt.

This could give a major rub to a few guys that could definitely benefit not only the time with Cena but potentially feuding with some of the top ROH stars.

Cena could win the belt back by Survivor Series, if not sooner, and look like the massive hero that saved the entire WWE only months before his Wrestlemania match with the Rock.

Now the big question would be, why would Vince want to do this? Why would he even want to bring outside talent onto his show? What does he have to gain in this while helping the third place company immensely? Well, there are a few answers to that.

First of all, he’s done it before. What was there to gain when Vince McMahon worked with Paul Heyman and had a similar talent exchange and invasion with ECW in the mid-1990’s? In hindsight, quite a bit.

Quite a bit could also be gained here. This angle is hot and Vince knows it. Wrestling is in a serious lull and this could be the jolt in the arm it needs. One of his superstars appearing with his championship on another show would be huge news.

Even if the weekly ROH show is taped weeks in advance and is only going to be in select markets, it would still be all over the Internet and likely mentioned on ESPN and other major outlets.

The extra exposure would be huge for the product. It would also be huge for the WWE because he would still be holding their belt front and center.

It would also be fresh. So much of the WWE product feels like a formula they choose to live by. You see the same thing week in and week out. This would be a huge change of pace and could get a whole lot of people who are out of touch with today’s product interested again.

It would get some fresh ROH faces on the screen, feud them with mid-card talent, and elevate a whole bunch of people in the process.

Lastly, it would benefit Vince McMahon to be on good terms with another Broadcasting partner. Ring of Honor was sold to Sinclair Broadcasting, who currently operate 57 stations across the country. Sure, they may be in select markets now, but they still own a decent number of stations.

Who’s to say 10-15 years down the road they aren’t significantly bigger and the good relationship could benefit the WWE with added programming, specials, or syndications they didn’t have before?

At the very least, much like with ECW, it could lead to a slew of new talent making their way to the company on a regular basis.

Once Cena and the WWE overtake Punk and the rest of his crew, the regular WWE guys will fill back in, maybe some ROH guys are offered contracts to stick around, but the rest will go back to their company.

ROH will go back to doing what they do, with tremendously higher awareness to their product, and WWE will return to doing what they do, hopefully with a few months of added viewers, increased ratings, and added Pay Per View buys to their product.

It could potentially be a huge win-win for all involved while dealing a nice blow to Impact Wrestling and the TNA crew. ROH could emerge as a player for TNA’s No. 2 spot.

Punk would be the hottest heel in the business, Cena would be an even bigger superhero machine, and Vince McMahon would have pulled off another piece of wrestling history.

Could it happen? It’s more than highly unlikely.

Instead, we will all be left to suffer with whatever they choose to go with to close the show on Sunday, but thanks for taking this ride with me anyway.

Your comments on this potential angle, how you would tweak it, or how you would book the culmination of the Cena/Punk feud are greatly appreciated.


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