UFC 2011 Mid-Year Awards: Top 5 Disgraces of the Year

Sean SmithAnalyst IJuly 17, 2011

UFC 2011 Mid-Year Awards: Top 5 Disgraces of the Year

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    After a long stretch of major MMA events ended with UFC 132, we are now mid-way through the calender year. As we wait for the MMA schedule to pick back up, Bleacher Report will be taking a look a several different mid-year awards.

    This installment will focus on the UFC Disgrace of the Year, which will be handed out to the individual guilty of the most shameful act in 2011. Already, there have been plenty of options for the award, but we had to narrow it down to five nominees.

    Here are the top five disgraces in the UFC from the first half of 2011.

5. Thiago Silva

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    After defeating Brandon Vera at UFC 125, it was discovered that Thiago Silva had attempted to alter the results of his pre-fight drug test. After investigation, Silva was suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for one year.

    Silva's win was overturned to a no contest and Brandon Vera, who had been released as a result of his loss, was invited back into the UFC. By cheating, Silva had nearly put Vera out of a job.

    Later, Silva apologized and admitted that he had received injections of an unspecified illegal substance, which allowed him to recover from a back injury suffered during training.

4. Dave Hagen

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    Judge Dave Hagen has had a number of questionable scores in 2011, which include giving all three rounds to Dustin Poirier and Kenny Florian in their respective fights with Jason Young and Diego Nunes.

    However, one of Hagen's recent scores passed the boundaries of questionable into complete senselessness.

    At UFC 131, Hagen scored a bout 30-27 in favor of Darren Elkins. A majority of onlookers, including UFC President Dana White, saw the fight as a clear win for Michihiro Omigawa. In fact, White gave Omigawa his win bonus despite the fact that he also lost 29-28 on the other judges' scorecards.

3. Chip Snider

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    Charles Oliviera and Nik Lentz were in the middle of of a back-and-forth fight, when Oliveira landed a blatantly illegal knee during the second round. Referee Chip Snider completely missed the infraction and allowed the fight to continue.

    Shortly after, Oliveira sunk in a rear naked choke to win the fight, which was late overturned to a no contest. In a brief discussion with the commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission, Snider was heard saying, "He was done anyways."

    You'd think this incident would be enough of a bad night for a referee, but Snider continued his questionable officiating practices throughout the UFC on Versus 4 event. In other fights, Snider constantly called for action from fighters, at many points sounding like an uneducated casual fan.

2. Bob Reilly

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    Although Bob Reilly isn't the only politician preventing MMA from coming to the state of New York, he is unquestionably the most vocal critic of the sport.

    The UFC made its biggest push yet to try and convince New York assemblymen to pass a bill that would legalize MMA in the state. However, the bill did not meet the governments agenda this year.

    As you can see in this video, Reilly has clearly not done his homework on the safety of MMA.

1. Michael Bisping

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    Heading into their fight at UFC 127, Jorge Rivera and his camp threw plenty of insults at Michael Bisping.

    Although Rivera lost the fight, it was pretty clear that he achieved his goal of getting under Bisping's skin. After landing what appeared to be an intentional illegal knee, Bisping went on to win via technical knockout. Then, the British fighter proceeded to yell at Rivera's corner and spat in their direction.

    As a result of his detestable actions, Bisping forfeited his win bonus.

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