WWE Divas Division: How I Would Help out the Butterfly Belt

Dave PierceyContributor IIIJuly 15, 2011

WWE Divas Division: How I Would Help out the Butterfly Belt

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    Hey Bleachers, for those who haven't had an opportunity to read my stuff yet (I'm still pretty new), welcome to my imagination. I already wrote an article about how to potentially improve the prestige of the US title, and now I'm taking on the Divas.

    For the sake of this article, I will only use what the WWE in its current state has to offer in terms of their talent, etc. That means no Divas (or female wrestlers) from other promotions, Kelly Kelly is the Divas champion, and Kharma is still out to tend to her pregnancy.

    I am looking to rehash an idea from a little over a year ago, which helped out the Divas division (mildly) when Melina (then champion) was out with an injury: There was an eight-diva tournament to determine the new champion, which Maryse ended up winning.  

    Honestly, this tournament was a bit of a wash that didn't catch my attention. It was obviously Plan B, and the effort put into the matches was pretty lackluster.

    However, I think a tournament to determine the No. 1 contender could help out.

    The first part that would immediately help the division that it would give the Smackdown Divas a chance. Last I checked, the Divas title was meant to be defended universally, and Kelly Kelly should be able to be on both Raw and Smackdown.  

    When was the last time a Smackdown Divas match had ANY involvement with the title?  Michelle McCool and Layla?

    Here, I'm proposing both Raw and Smackdown each hold their own tournament, with the winner of each entering Summerslam as co-No. 1 contender to face Kelly Kelly for the belt in a triple-threat match.

    Read on to see how I would book it!

July 18: Monday Night Raw

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    The tournament is announced on Raw, and a seven-Diva battle royal will occur to determine who will get a bye.

    Participants: Beth Phoenix, Brie Bella, Eve, Gail Kim, Maryse, Melina, and Nikki Bella

    Beth is clearly seen as a favorite, and everyone knows it. Therefore, the six decide to try eliminating her early on.  

    One of the Bellas gets eliminated early on, but stays at ringside.

    Gail Kim and Melina eliminate each other in order to further their feud from Superstars (which Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole will reference soon before the elimination).  

    Eve throws Bella No. 2 into Bella No. 1 in order to ensure that no twin magic can happen.  

    Maryse picks up what would probably be considered an upset win for the bye. 

July 22: Smackdown

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    Another seven Divas battle royal for the Smackdown bye.

    Participants: AJ, Alicia Fox, Kaitlyn, Layla, Natalya, Rosa Mendes, Tamina

    Layla will be the last to the ring as a surprise entrant, coming back from injury. (Does anyone have an update of if she's actually ready to be back?) Layla largely sits back, given that the other six are engaged in their own scuffles.  

    Tamina is out first after AJ surprises her yet again. This leads to Rosa taking out AJ only to be eliminated by Layla because Rosa was too busy celebrating the fact that she actually did something.  

    In a surprising move, Kaitlyn eliminates Natalya, leading to something for the two of them later.  

    Layla takes out Alicia on the other side of the ring.  

    Layla is returning.  No way she loses this.  

    Layla takes Kaitlyn out and earns the bye.

    Update: 5 hours ago (around 7:30pm Pacific, July 16) Layla posted on Twitter that she will "be back soon" in reply for a fan asking.   No specific timeline was given, but that's definitely a good sign!

July 25: Monday Night Raw

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    Raw's first round of the No. 1 contender tournament begins!  Kelly Kelly is on commentary for these matches just to give her some TV time.

    She's not awful now, but she could use a little more practice.


    Match No. 1: Beth Phoenix vs. Brie Bella

    Complete squash match.  I know that Brie was just the champ and has her shot on Sunday (which, let's face it, she won't win), but Beth needs to look strong: She's a key to making the title look strong again.  

    After the match, Beth's heel turn begins very subtly as she gives Kelly the standard "I want the belt" look.


    Match No. 2: Eve vs. Nikki Bella

    As much as I'd prefer if Eve won, the twin magic will get the better of her. It's an awful match that doesn't show how much Eve has improved.


    Match No. 3: Gail Kim vs. Melina

    This could possibly be the match of the night, male or female. If given as much time as they get on Superstars, this could be a match that jump starts the legitimacy of the Divas division.  

    After a hard-fought battle, Gail should pull this one out. 

July 29: Smackdown

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    Kelly again comes out for commentary to a huge pop for her first trip to Smackdown since the draft.


    Match No. 1: Rosa Mendes vs. Natalya

    See Beth vs. Brie. Squash match.  

    I don't see Rosa ever getting developed into anything more than a female jobber. If she were released, I doubt many people would even notice... Natalya wins easy.


    Match No. 2: Alicia Fox vs. AJ

    AJ is a pretty solid ring competitor, but she struggles against Alicia. AJ eventually seems to be getting momentum, but Alicia uses some dirty tactics to get the win.


    Match No. 3: Tamina vs. Kaitlyn

    Before this match, we see Natalya congratulate Kaitlyn on her performance last week and tell her that she's proud of how she's come into her own. Kaitlyn shoves Natalya, saying that Natalya held her back somehow and that she has a match to win so that she can finally get the title shot she feels she deserves.

    Tamina and Kaitlyn are both pretty powerful women, and this match demonstrates how strong they both are.  

    We see them trade power moves back and forth until Kaitlyn finally comes up with the win.

August 1: Monday Night Raw

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    We now get to see round two of the Divas tournament!


    Match No. 1: Maryse vs. Gail Kim

    I might get heat for this, but Gail Kim will not win this match.

    I ultimately want to make the Divas division look as though it matters, and for that to happen, Melina must interfere in this match to give Maryse the win.  

    Not to mention, it would be a shame to waste the bye that Maryse earned two weeks prior.


    Match No. 2: Nikki Bella vs. Beth Phoenix

    Another Bella for Beth, another squash.  

    The Bellas talk a big game before the match, talking about how they'll get revenge for last week, but it ultimately won't matter.  

    Beth is too dominant and gets the win.

August 5: Smackdown

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    Round 2 for the Blue brand!


    Match No. 1: Layla vs. Alicia Fox

    This is Layla's first one-on-one match back, so it's hard to bet against her.  

    Alicia should have a decent showing, but Layla will win clean and look strong going into the Smackdown final.


    Match No. 2: Kaitlyn vs. Natalya

    Mentor vs. Mentee here.

    Kaitlyn now thinks that Natalya is holding her back, and the two put on the best Smackdown Divas match since LayCool disbanded.  

    Unfortunately, the match will end dirty, with Kaitlyn pulling the huge upset.

August 8: Monday Night Raw

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    It's the Raw final as Beth Phoenix and Maryse face each other.  

    Maryse puts up a bit of a fight, but Beth proves to be too much for her.

    Additionally, Kelly Kelly has her first match since MITB against Brie Bella. Again. Honestly, This match is to build some more Kelly momentum and keep the Bellas on TV since WWE can't seem to get them away from the camera.  

    Kelly picks up an easy win here.

August 13: Smackdown

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    For the Smackdown final, we get to see what could be an interesting match between Layla and Kaitlyn.

    Expect this to be a decent showing for both, but ultimately Kaitlyn's new heel persona pulls off the win, giving Kaitlyn her first shot at the Divas title.

    For Kelly's momentum match, I'd give her Alicia Fox.  

    Kelly again looks great with a win over the former Divas champion. 

August 15: Summerslam

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    Triple-threat match for the Divas title: reigning champion Kelly Kelly vs. Raw tournament winner Beth Phoenix vs. Smackdown tournament winner Kaitlyn.

    This is given some decent time—about ten minutes, which is good for a Divas match.

    I would like to see Kelly retain the butterfly belt after pinning Kaitlyn; however, the match itself will not be the event. 

    Afterwards, Beth Phoenix officially turns heel and takes out Kelly Kelly during the post-match celebration. This beat down goes on for about three full minutes, culminating in Kelly going through the announcers table.

    Let a Diva take a good bump, then they can start being taken more seriously. 


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    On Raw, Beth's heel turn will lead to a Beth vs. Kelly feud.  I know that people are calling for the turn based on the fans' voting for Kelly during Raw Roulette, but Christian literally JUST had that story.  

    Let the heel turn happen a little differently.

    Beth is upset that she lost without being pinned, so she feels entitled to getting another chance, which she will get. Regardless of who comes out of that feud with the belt, I think that the division will be better for this feud's happening.

    Also, Gail Kim and Melina continue their feud, delivering some fantastic matches and showing that Divas can have a real story.  

    It feels like every match the Divas have had lately is either for the title or a tag match to just show some more ladies.  

    The winner of this feud will be the new No. 1 contender.

    Finally, the Bellas fade back into obscurity.

    On Smackdown, we see a Natalya vs. Kaitlyn program. I have hopes that the two could work well with each other, given the current mentoring role that Natalya has taken.

    With Layla on the face side, the balance is still good for a six-Diva tag now and then with Natalya, Layla, and AJ taking on Kaitlyn, Tamina, and Alicia Fox.

    Also, Kelly Kelly makes some Smackdown appearances with the title because Kaitlyn's been talking a big game. Add her in the mix once in a while to help the face Divas out until she gets pinned by any of the heels to get another title contender. 

    Finally, just release Rosa Mendes.


    If nothing else from this article happens, I'll be satisfied with her leaving.

    One last thing to get the Divas REALLY going...


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    Just kiddingno one wants to see that.  Now scroll down quick and comment before this image burns into your retinas!

    Thanks for reading!