A Longhorn Lost in Raider Land

Chase DunaganCorrespondent INovember 2, 2008

There will be nothing left out in this entry.  You will travel to the 2008 Texas vs Texas Tech game in the form of a Longhorn fan and student.   These are my experiences and thoughts on a wild weekend in Lubbock, Texas... aka Raider Land.


2:00 pm-  Me and three friends, all students at the University of Texas embark on a journey to Lubbock, Texas.  Leaving Austin is a sad site, but we'll be back Sunday.

9:00 pm-  After seven hours on the road, we finally arrive in Lubbock.  Think about that... we drove seven straight hours and are still in the same state.  Texas is huge.

11:00 pm-  The friends that I drove up with part ways towards their respective Tech friends. One guy has no Tech friends and thus decides to stay with me all weekend.  My friends that we're staying with inform us that we will be heading to a party with many Tech fans, and we might want to take off those Texas shirts we have on.   I don't agree.  It is a Halloween party, so I throw on a Greek Trojan helmet and with my Texas t-shirt still on, I decide to attend the party as the 2005 Rosebowl.

11:30 pm-  I know about half the people at this party, but me and my Texas buddy still get booed by the other 50 people there.  So I play to the crowd and throw up the Horns.


12:30 am- Me and my Texas friend decide to start a two person "Texas Fight."   It does not go over well at the party, and we are eventually drowned out by the 100 other Tech fans with their "Raider Power" thing.  Oh well, we won in beer pong, and that's all that matters anyways, right?

4:00 am-  We decide that Whataburger is needed to end a fun night.  While at Whataburger we get told that "Austin sucks" and that me and my Texas buddy are "gay."  I immediately remember why I went to Texas.

7:00 am-  Alarm goes off, and I get ready to go to Gameday. 

7:01 am-  Screw that, I'm sleeping in.  I'll get up if someone else gets up.

10:57 am-  I get out of bed just in time to witness Corso pick Tech.  Good, Corso is usually wrong.

1:00 pm- We arrive at Jones AT&T Stadium, I've been here before.  It's a nice stadium, but reminds me of my hometown High School football stadium.  It just doesn't compare to DKR, or Gaylord, or even Boone Pickens now.

1:45 pm-  As my friends that attend Tech must wait in this line that wraps around the outside of the stadium, I decide that I should walk around and sport this awesome Texas t-shirt that I have on.  I mean how often is it that Tech is in the presence of greatness?       I proceed to get booed by about 10,000 people.  I love every moment of it. 

2:30 pm- While waiting on a median, a Tech fan rolls down his window, gives us the "guns up" hand sign, and then proceeds to spit at us.   Haha, nice.

3:00 pm-  Me and my Texas friend are still looking for tickets to the game.  Only four hours till kick-off and all the scalpers are still trying to sell the tickets for $250-$300. Yeah... right.

5:00 pm-  We watch the Texas players arrive at the stadium.  They look calm and the defense looks focused.  I overhear a Tech fans say that the final score will probably be "Texas Tech-62, Texas-14"    Are all Tech fans this delusional? 

5:02 pm-  This Tech fan with his two sons is walking past us holding up two tickets to the game, we ask how much, he says $150 each, we say "SOLD!"  

5:15 PM-  Tech ticket scanners try to keep me out of the game by scanning my ticket twice really fast, and then telling me that this ticket has already been used and he won't let me into the game.  Good thing there is a decent person that lives in Lubbock , this nice old lady come up and asks to see the scanner, checks the past scans and shows the original ticket scanner that I indeed have a valid ticket, and that he scanned it multiple times, which is why it didn't work.  Finally, I'm in the game!

7:00 pm-  Our school tries to sing out school song, but Tech students drown us out by booing our band and by a "Texas Sucks" chant.  That didin't even happen at the OU game.  But whatever, we know how to do that too, and we start a Texas fight during their school song. 

7:15 pm- Kick-off.  awesome first defensive stand and we force a punt.  Too bad it's downed at the two yard line, and we get a safety on the very next play.  Tech leads 2-0.

7:45 pm- Shipley drops a sure fire touchdown and Tech will get the ball back after our anemic looking offense.  Tech leads 12-0.

8:00 pm- Second quarter starts and our offense still cannot do anything.  Dropped balls, horrible play calls, and we are forced to a three-and-out.  Tech scores again.  Tech leads 19-0.

8:30 pm-  Thanks to our defense forcing a fumble, Tech can't go up by 26, and instead we get the ball in Tech's territory, but still cannot move the ball, and settle for a field goal.  This is pitiful.   Tech leads 19-3.

8:40 pm- After Tech drives and gets a field goal of their own, we get the ball back and thanks to a huge catch by Malcolm Williams, we survive a 3rd and 25.  WE get a field goal before the first half ends and go into half trailing 22-6.    Tech fans are shouting that they are number one....  haha, I can't wait till those smiles are off their faces. 

9:00 pm-  The second half starts off slow, but Jordan Shipley redeems himself with a great punt return for a touchdown, and now it's a game!

9:15 pm- our defense holds, but our already horrible offense does Tech another favor by throwing an interception that is returned for a touchdown.  This might actually be their night...

9:30 pm-  We trade drives and eventually Colt find Malcom for a great touchdown to keep us in the game. Were down 19-29 after three, and I'm officially worried.

9:40 pm- Colt finds Malcom yet again on a HUGE 91 yard touchdown pass, and now Tech fans are talking about 2006. C'mon Horns, lets do this!

9:50 pm- Tech gets a field goal, after Earl Thomas drops an interception.  It's ok, I can't complain, our defense is the only thing that has kept us in this game. Tech leads 32-26

10:00 pm- We get the ball back with five minutes left to play and then drive the length of the field with big plays by Fozzy Whitaker and Colt. I really don't want to score with too much time left on the clock.  Can we kneel or something?

10:02 pm-  We score.  I'm happy, but there is still a minute and a half left for Tech.  That's way too long.

10:05 pm- Tech is marching down the field and throws a ball that is tipped and picked by Black Gideon!!!  Texas wins!!! Texas wins!!!! what? wait... he didn't get that? Oh crap.   no...no...no... knock it down!!!  Tackle him!!! how much time is left?  Was he out of bounds??  Why didn't they review the INT?  This cannot be happening.  My god, we lost to Tech...  TECH! 

10:20 pm-  After three unsuccessful attempts to rush the field, Tech students finally are told that they will get a sticker if they wait till the clock strikes 00:00 before they rush the field.  Tech students oblige, and finally rush the field legally.  I hear they get to color with magic markers in class on Monday.

10:30 pm-  Me and my Texas buddy leave the game, and get heckled by the most annoying and drunk Tech girls that anyone could imagine. She tells me to put my guns up, and I reply with a simple "no."  Then she tells me to "get the (explicit) out of Lubbock, and go back to Austin."  I reply with a chuckle, and "don't worry babe, I'm getting out of this crap hole as soon as possible."  

Her boyfriend takes offense to that. but soon realizes that it may not be a good idea to come after me with my 6'5, 260 pound friend.


I don't remember the rest of that night, but I'm sure I was feeling good round 4am.



Me and my friends meet up, leave Lubbock, and decide that some things are better left unsaid and some heartbreaks only heal with time.  Let's just get back to Austin!



One final note:  I think our defense played amazing.  Our offense lost us the game. Nothing more to it. We didn't deserve to win the game. Tech did.


Good luck to Tech the rest of the season.  I hope Tech doesn't blow the best opportunity to play for a national title in the history of the program.  But I'm still gonna have to root for yall to lose two games.  My Horns played their worst game of the year and only lost on a last second play. I can live with that, and I'm proud that this is my team. 


God Bless Texas, and Hook'em Horns!





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