WWE: What If Reality Didn't Happen and WCW Had Bought the WWE Instead?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJuly 14, 2011

White Division: What If WCW Won and Bought the WWE

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There are always decisions that impact the world.

In the wrestling world, one decision was perhaps the most impactful of them all.

As the Monday Night Wars ended, the winner of the wars ended up as the WWE. The WWE won the Monday Night Wars by buying out their rival in WCW.

But what if WCW had won the Monday Night Wars?

What if?

What if they had won and purchased the WWE? What then?

What would've changed?

Well, what has happened cannot be changed but we can still speculate.


A Change in Landscape

If WCW had won, there would obviously have been no WWE. 

The main show would be WCW Nitro!
The main show would be WCW Nitro!

The entertainment aspect may have or possibly may have not been endorsed as much, if not more than the wrestling aspect of the television shows.

WWE would not be a worldwide name, instead the bearer of that spot would be WCW.

WCW would be that worldwide brand, replacing the WWE in everything with WWE's name at this time.


An Extreme Addition

With the end of the Monday Night Wars also came the death of ECW. Due to financial troubles, ECW sold out to the then richer WWF.

But what if WCW had been the richer company at the time, the one with all of the money instead of a poor company? Will it have bought ECW before the WWF could have?

I believe that it would have.

ECW would have been a part of WCW and most of ECW's stars, if not all of them, would've been signed in to a WCW contract as well. 

Like in the WWE, I believe that RVD would've been the most standout of all of the ECW stars as well as the most successful one but I doubt that he would've been given a chance to hold the main belt and in turn carry the brand.

The Invasion in a Different Land

Remember the Invasion angle when WCW apparently invaded the WWE? Yeah? Well, if you do then it would've still happened if WCW had bought the WWE.

It would've been the WWF/WWE Invasion on Monday Night Nitro.

But if you thought that the Invasion sucked, then you would have thought far worse of the Invasion in a different landscape.

Because as I see it, the WCW would have the main stars to represent WCW but for the WWE, who would be their representatives?


Our Stars Aren't Their Stars

The reason the Invasion angle would suck is because the WWF/WWE's stars wouldn't be WCW's stars. 

Like the Invasion, there would be a lack of the opponent's stars on the other side of the ring.

Stone Cold and the Rock would be missing from the storyline because I doubt that they would sign with WCW in the beginning, (similar to Goldberg and Ric Flair), if at all.

Replace WWE with WCW!
Replace WWE with WCW!

Their main event players would include Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Sting, Ric Flair, etc. but they would be missing a few names such as Stone Cold, the Rock, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, etc. unless they had a deal good enough to persuade them into signing with the company.

Otherwise, the WWE stars would have all but disappeared and the WWE would be forever dead.


The Survival and Death of Extreme

ECW, on the other hand, would make a small revival similar to the WWECW one.

An ECW invasion would most likely be tried as well and it may have a slight impact on the business but not as much impact as a successful WWE invasion would've made.

The revival of ECW would've failed and it's One Night Stand would lead to no future results as ECW would be killed quite faster than the way WWE killed it.


The Nonexistence of Honorable and Impactful Rivals

Within a few years, WCW would've killed WWE and ECW but what would've happened to the other companies?

First of all, what companies?

TNA Impact wouldn't have been made because Jeff Jarrett would've most likely stayed with WCW because everything went his way over there and for ROH, well, they would have possibly been created but wouldn't have gotten as popular as it has because it is an alternative to entertainment, focusing mostly on wrestling.

As for CHIKARA, SHIMMER, NJPW, etc., well, their exposure right now speaks for itself.

WCW would be the only global phenomenon in the wrestling world today.


Controversy: Fixed or Made?

As the main wrestling company in the world, WCW would have all of the focus on them.

Every single one of the company's moves would be watched quite closely under the microscope.

Any errors would be criticized and any interesting moves would be welcomed with praise.

And with any mainstream company's decision, controversy often occurs.

It can be fixed or made but if WCW had won the Monday Night Wars, you can sure bet that some of the most controversial moments in wrestling history would've turned out different.

Remember the Montreal Screwjob? Well, it wouldn't have been fixed as Shawn Michaels would most likely not join WCW because if he never did before, why would he now?

As for Bret Hart, well, the whole reason he can't fight anymore is because of WCW so I doubt that he would've returned to the company.

And Vince? Vince's ego would've most likely prevented him from joining the company at all ever since the WWE would've lost the Monday Night Wars.

The Montreal Screwjob wouldn't have been left with a happy ending.

Controversy wouldn't have been fixed.

Controversy wouldn't have also been most likely made with the Chris Benoit debacle.

I'll make this short and quick, if Benoit didn't have WWE to push him and put his body on the line all the time, he may have still been alive right now and not made controversy within the wrestling world.

Controversy, it may have happened but not the way that it has happened.

Wrestlemania Wouldn't Exist
Wrestlemania Wouldn't Exist


Memories Destroyed and Legacies Tarnished

If WCW had won the Monday Night Wars, our memories would've been destroyed and some wrestlers' legacies would've been tarnished.

The Heartbreak Kid wouldn't have become one of the greatest to ever step foot in a ring because with the downfall of the WWE, would come the end of Shawn Michaels as he would never leave the company that he had given much faith to.

The Rock wouldn't have become the Great One because as he was rising, the demise of the WWE would've occurred.

Stone Cold Steve Austin wouldn't have created a legacy facing off against the boss because the whole landscape in WCW was different and it wouldn't have been the same facing off with Bischoff instead of Vince McMahon.

John Cena wouldn't have been made. There wouldn't have been the Champ because the WWE made him and without the WWE, John Cena wouldn't be as big as he is.

Triple H wouldn't be the King of Kings because without dominating most of his competition in WWE, how would he have ever gotten the right to become the Game?

Some stars wouldn't have been made.
Some stars wouldn't have been made.

Batista wouldn't have become the Animal that he had become.

The Hardys wouldn't have been made as popular as they were and no one would have cared about what Matt and Jeff Hardy did in their free time.

Edge wouldn't have made it as the "Rated R Superstar" and he wouldn't have retired as a possible Hall of Famer.

Christian wouldn't have ever gotten at least one World title that he had made his lifelong dream for.

Randy Orton wouldn't have become a WWE golden boy without the exposure and push that the WWE gave him.

Rey Mysterio wouldn't have had made it because he was too small to carry a brand.

Eddie Guerrero wouldn't have had lived the dream and made a name for himself in every fan's mind.

CM Punk wouldn't have made us love him with his Straight-Edge tactics.

Chris Jericho wouldn't have "Saved_US" when we needed saving.

And the Undertaker? 

The Undertaker would've been dead. The gimmick that has survived for decades would be gone and the Streak would be tarnished.

This moment would've been lost
This moment would've been lost

Wrestlemania would be gone and without it, stars wouldn't have been made and memories wouldn't have been created.

Memories such as seeing Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, two lifelong friends, hug in the ring after making it to the top at about the same time. 

Memories such as those jaw-dropping moments and eye-wetting farewells involving the risk-takers, the technicians, and the legends.

The iconic moments that made us remember why we were fans would be gone.

Even moments such as the risky debut of rookies in Nexus and the promo that got us all talking because we had lost some attitude in CM Punk's shoot promo would've been lost.

We would have lost all of those moments. We would have lost all the legacies. We would have lost everything that made us love and hate pro wrestling over the past decade if WCW had won and bought the WWE. 


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