NFL Free Agency: Houston & Chicago Should Take a Chance on Plaxico or S. Moss

Jeffrey SchmidtCorrespondent IIIJuly 14, 2011

GREEN BAY, WI - JANUARY 20:  Wide receiver Plaxico Burress #17 of the New York Giants reacts to the crowd during the NFC championship game against the Green Bay Packers on January 20, 2008 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Bears have always been known for their top notch defense and their mediocre offense. Jay Cutler has been the best quarterback for the franchise since Jim McMahon, (who last played in 1988 for the Bears) but has only played two seasons, which is saying something.

The Bears' number one receiving option for the past three seasons has been Matt Forte, who is also their starting running back (I did a recent article on the best dual threat running backs in the NFL, and you can check that out here). 

In other words, the Bears are in need of a number one receiver. Johnny Knox and Devin Hester are viable number two and number three options, but if the Bears want to reach the next level they'll need to bring in a Pro Bowl type receiver.  

The Texans are already well balanced at receiver, but another number one type would propel this offense to higher levels than it reached last season. Andre Johnson is a do everything receiver, and if they could have Jacoby Jones and Kevin Walter running the slot, this team could become extremely dangerous. 

Plaxico Burress and Santana Moss are two of the biggest names out there, and are also two of the best. 

Santana Moss's 93 receptions in 2010 were the most of his NFL career, and he did it at the age of 30. Moss did this with a struggling Donovan McNabb and backup Rex Grossman, which is something more analysts and writers should be talking about.

Moss has showed no signs of slowing down, and would seem to be a perfect fit with Jay Cutler due to his speed and route running ability.The only reason why the Bears should stay away from Moss is due to the fact that he resembles the body type of the other receivers on their roster. 

I see Moss fitting in well with Houston, just because the Texans already have that red zone threat, and could use another solid possession guy on the outside. Moss also open things up for Walter and Jones on the inside. 

That brings us to Plaxico Burress..

At the time of his incident, Plaxico Burress was one of the elite wide receivers in the game, and it looked as if he was going to lead the Giants to back-to-back Super Bowls. With Burress out of the lineup, the Giants struggled to muster any offense during the playoffs, and were eliminated by the Eagles in the Divisional round. 

Burress is exactly what the Bears need, and he has already expressed some interest according to (check out that article here). He is an obvious red zone presence, and is a guy who can bail Jay Cutler out of some of his bone-head decisions. Plaxico is one of the best fade route runners in the game, and would compliment Cutler's strong arm nicely. 

In the end, either one of these guys would help the Bears or Texans out tremendously. There aren't too many guys out there like Burress, and he should be given a shot this NFL season. 

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