The Rant: Georgia Football Continues to Struggle

Kit KitchensCorrespondent INovember 2, 2008

Seriously, we're not going to discuss what happened on Saturday. Though we are going to talk about what has happened and continues to happen to Georgia. Especially in big games.

Let's go ahead and clear the air. Florida has earned the right to gloat and Urban Meyer is a classless bleep. Above all though, I believe Georgia WANTS to win games like this.

However, our team is lacking something. Not just pressure on the front line or complicated blitz packages to force turnovers. Georgia needs something else in order to achieve the success we've seen as little as three years ago.

This is not a rant about "heart." We have plenty of desire to win every game we play. I can see that within our players. I know it must've killed them yesterday to experience the total domination that was the second half of that game.

This is about our aggressiveness, nasty streak, ability to embarrass opponents and our swagger. We have NONE. Haven't had it all year—especially on defense. It's a shame to say it, but gone are the days of Junkyard Dawg-dom and who know when, or if, they'll ever come back.

I love UGA and UGA sports just as much, or more, than most people out there. Hell, I've spent three and a half years writing about it for free. You would think that I care just a little bit about what's going on, and at the same time, have managed to keep some objectivity along the way.

But I can't take this anymore. I miss the "Lips Jar." The jar created by Brian Van Gorder for opposing players' paper lips (or maybe even entire heads) to be placed in after a large hit. I miss the headhunters of Greg Blue and Thomas Davis. I miss the motor of David Pollack and the determination of Charles Grant. I miss the speed and tenacity of Odell Thurman.

What I miss is someone on that sideline who turns the players we have on the field literally sweating talent, into players like the ones mentioned above. You can scream about leadership in that locker room all you want, but it starts and ends with the coaches.

I could never see a situation where I would want Mark Richt fired. I'm not the guy that is screaming for his head. However, some of the things we're seeing right now need to be fixed and fixed quickly. Now while a good portion of the Dawg Nation has called for the head of Willie Martinez, I have held off.

I'm breaking that silence now.

In order to go to the next level, we've got to stop just playing defense and start playing Dawg Defense. We need fire, aggressiveness, and an attitude that is only found in some of the top defenses across the nation. I need an Erk to come to UGA and have some Dawgs ready to take heads off, protect the middle and go crazy at the sign of a big hit.

I need a defense that makes offenses tremble. While I believe most of the problems are on the defense, I also need an offense that scares defenses with touchdowns instead of field goals. I need an attitude that we had last year, but have yet to see this year.

Somewhere along the lines, it appears that we believed our own hype. That our talent alone would somehow get us to the SEC Championship this year. Well guess what, our preseason No.1 ranking hasn't won us a damn thing other than some excellent TV coverage so that we can get our butts kicked in front of a national TV audience.

Look, I'm not asking for heads to roll, but I'm asking for something, ANYTHING, to put the actual fire into the red and fear into the black that we don for games. I don't care how it happens, but we're a long cry from Willie Martinez jumping into the arms of Dannell Ellerbe after an interception against Hawai'i.

Please get aggressive, please be feared and please do not take a business-like approach to preparing for Kentucky. The quotes after our loss to Florida are a joke. I don't want you to cry, but I certainly want you to be less like you were after getting your ass whipped, and more like you should be feeling when you're ready to fight back.

Now's the time to get mean. I'm ready when you are.