Manny Pacquiao: Why Fighting Floyd Mayweather Would Be a Horrible Idea

King J@@KingJ323Senior Writer IJuly 14, 2011

Manny Pacquiao: Why Fighting Floyd Mayweather Would Be a Horrible Idea

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    The world has been thirsting and impatiently waiting for a dream matchup between the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world Manny Pacquiao and former pound-for-pound undefeated king Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

    However, for those of us who truly follow boxing and are objective on this fight, we see that for Manny Pacquiao to take on Floyd Mayweather may not be such a good idea.

    In fact, there would be numerous ramifications for Pacquiao to finally step into that ring with Mayweather.

    Here is a list of reasons why Pacquiao fighting Mayweather would be a horrible idea.




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Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Will Be Boring as Hell

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    The No. 1 reason why Manny Pacquiao fighting Floyd Mayweather would be a horrible idea is that it will be an extremely boring fight.

    In a previous article I wrote ("Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Will Be More Boring Than Pacquiao-Mosley"), I went into detail explaining why if you thought Pacquiao-Mosley was a complete waste of time and found it utterly boring then you will feel the same way to the 10th power when Manny and Floyd finally do get in that ring together.

    Pacquiao never looked good against a great, fast, pure, intelligent boxer. He either gets schooled or he finds himself so frustrated that he simply just gives up.

    Whether you want to admit it or not, Floyd Mayweather is the best pure, intelligent boxer in the game right now and could quite possibly be the greatest to ever lace up a pair of gloves.

    If a 40-year-old Shane Mosley was able to run away and evade big damage by Manny by doing something he never did his whole entire career, imagine what the greatest defensive, counter-puncher in the sport would be able to do Manny.

    Will Floyd school Manny? Given both of their history of fights and dealing with these contrasting style match-ups, history would indicate that yes, Floyd would school Manny should they finally fight, but he will do it in the utmost boring fashion that only the most wise intelligent boxing fans would appreciate the brilliance that a master boxer like Floyd can administer to his opponents.

    Still not sold? Watch Pacquiao vs Barrera II, Pacquiao vs Clottey, and yes, if you dare, watch Pacquiao vs Mosley again and see for yourself how Manny either gives up chasing his opponents around the ring or he gets so frustrated that he gets hit out of being so bored with his opponent not wanting to open up and trade with him.

    Mayweather is on a different level in terms of skill and most of all defense than all those pugilists combined.

    But what is the most common characteristic of all those three fights? The answer is that those were probably the three most boring Pacquiao fights ever.

Like Nazim Richardson Said...

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    In the final bonus episode of Showtime's Fight Camp 360: Pacquiao-Mosley, top trainer Nazim Richardson said some very bold statements on Manny Pacquiao during the fight with Mosley and afterwards.

    Basically Richardson was saying that if you turn and keep turning while fighting Pacquiao then he has no answer for that.

    He even went on to say that Shane's constant turning during the fight caused Pacquiao to chase him, but without being able to land anything of significance.

    Whether you agree with Richardson or not, an objective fight fan would acknowledge that Pacquiao does have some limitations and weaknesses.

    Floyd is again not only the most gifted, talented, defensive-minded fighter that the sport has seen in quite some time, but he also has the speed and reflexes that equal—if not surpass—Manny's speed and reflexes.

    Freddie Roach must not only come up with the perfect game plan to defeat Mayweather but Manny must follow it to a tee.

    If this game plan does not include mastering cutting of the ring and ring generalship then expect a very long night for Manny chasing and getting countered for 12 rounds.

Manny Must KO or Hurt Mayweather Bad in the First 2 Rounds

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    For those of you who have not yet watched my video with the legendary boxing expert Al Bernstein then watch it right now. We talk about everything pretty much going on in the sport of boxing.

    Of course we eventually discuss a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight and how that fight would go down.

    I voiced my opinion, which still pretty much has not changed, and that is we only really see Mayweather hurt, in trouble or even cleanly hit in the first few rounds.

    The reason why Mayweather seems most vulnerable in the first few rounds is that he is like a computer analyzing all of the data on his opponent in front of him and computing a sure bullet-proof fight plan to adapt to and fight for the rest of the 12 rounds.

    Fighters who take notice of Mayweather doing this early in his fights are usually the ones who show no respect or feeling out process and just go all out in those first few rounds, often landing their only clean and meaningful shots on him early on. The rest of the 10 rounds he has activated his impenetrable force field defense of shoulder rolls, turning, and sticking and moving in which he may go for almost 100 percent of the time without even getting hit cleanly.

    So Manny, just like Victor Ortiz or any future opponent, should really go for the KO in Round 1 if he does not want to get schooled for the remainder of the fight.

    Al Bernstein for the most part disagrees with this and he feels Manny can apply enough pressure and land enough on Floyd seeing that Floyd does not throw much punches at all when he fights.

    I hope to god that Bernstein is correct, for if he is wrong then this will be a very boring fight.

There Is No Way This Fight Can Possibly Live Up to the Hype

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    Ever since Pacquiao started climbing the ranks and weight classes, a dream match with Mayweather was always talked about.

    After Manny defeated Oscar De La Hoya and then Ricky Hatton, gaining what seemed to be the bigger accolades and recognition for doing what Mayweather already did, the dream fight kept getting discussed more.

    As obsessed as we all have become of Pacquiao vs Mayweather happening we have stirred up and generated so much hype that the fans, the media and the shot callers of the sport have been capitalizing and fueling beyond the point of reality.

    History has showed us that, especially in more recent times, whenever we have such a super mega-fight that we have been hyping for several years of build-up there is no chance of ever living up to that hype. In fact, recent history has shown us that the more we hype a fight the more it seems to fail to even equal that hype or even turn out to be a decent fight at all.

    The last huge fight of this magnitude would probably have to be Oscar De La Hoya vs Floyd Mayweather, which was even billed: "The World Awaits." The world did await and when May 5, 2007, finally came it was very disappointed.

    In a previous article I made a very perfect metaphor example of comparing Pacquiao-Mayweather to a hot female friend who you never closed, but just like many of us who have been in that situation, when you finally do close that hot female friend it pretty much never lives up to that fantasy in your head.

    The fantasy of a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is what we desire. Once that fantasy become reality, nine-of-10 times it never equals what we envisioned.

As Annoying as Both "Extreme" Pacquiao & Mayweather Fans Have Been...

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    Anyone who has the Internet today pretty much knows that when it comes to boxing you are for the most part either a Mayweather fan or a Pacquiao fan.

    There are rare cases, such as myself, who are big fans of both fighters and actually go to their fights in person, unlike the thousands of extreme notorious Pacquiao fans and Mayweather fans who have been flooding and attacking each other constantly via every form of social media network.

    These so-called trolls really go overboard and take being a fan to ugly disgraceful levels, but ironically these guys never actually go to either Pacquiao's or Mayweather's fights. If you are such a huge fan wouldn't you save enough money to go to your so-called idol's fights?

    Anyway, as annoying and utterly obnoxious as these Pacquiao and Mayweather trolls are, imagine if the fight actually did get made and their idol lost and lost bad. We would never hear the end of it.

    Of course, every excuse in the book would come out as to why their hero lost that night.

    Manny fights for his people and he literally is the Pride of the Philippines. A whole nation would be in mourning if he were to lose and lose to his long standing rival.

    The only possible outcome of a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight that could put an end to the Pacquiao and Mayweather trolls war would be a draw, where both legions of trolls would concede to the fact that their idols are evenly matched inside the ring.

Manny's Skills and Performance Are Declining

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    It may appear that Manny's skills and performance may seem to be declining from fight to fight.

    Depending on whom you ask, many are used to seeing Manny be this great destroyer who destroys his opponents.

    His last three fights with Mosley, Margarito and Clottey have all gone the distance. He was only able to floor Mosley who pretty much underestimated him up to that point and then began to fight in survival mode.

    As bad as he beat down Margarito, he was not able to knock him out or knock him down. Yes, the shattered orbital bones may be far worse and he was at a significant height and weight disadvantage, but he seemed to have lost his killer instinct as well as he let Margarito finish the fight instead of adding further punishment to him in the championship rounds.

    For the first time we saw Manny complain to his corner of leg cramps and claims this is the true reason why he could not finish off an over-the-hill, final-pay-day version of Mosley. But was this indeed the complete truth?

    Manny has way too much on his plate, being a congressman, business man, actor, musician, humanitarian and financing a MC Hammer-like entourage who seem to be holding him back. With all of these things plus his age and damage accumulated in the ring, he seems to no longer have that killer instinct anymore.

What Is Left After He Fights Mayweather?

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    After a Mayweather fight is complete and in the books, what would be left for Pacquiao to accomplish in boxing?

    Would he risk taking on the next young primed beast while facing his late 30s?

    If Manny were to lose a close fight to Floyd or win a close fight with Floyd then perhaps a rematch would be interesting enough to provide him that drive to fight on.

    Manny is one of those very unique cases in boxing where a multi-millionaire fighter already has his retirement locked as a politician and several of his business endeavors.

    Boxing probably has the worst statistics in terms of millionaire athletes losing it all and falling into deep poverty after retirement; this is definitely not the case with Manny.

    He should, however, start drastically thinning out his MC Hammer-like entourage ASAP and only keep the most essential members who are actually contributing to his best interest, which would probably eliminate about 85 percent of them.

Mayweather Needs Pacquiao More Than Pacquiao Needs Mayweather

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    Just as the last slide talked about how there pretty much is nothing else to prove and accomplish for Manny, being the only eight-time division world champion with 10 world titles in eight different weight classes. He's the only four lineal weight class champion and Fighter of the Decade for the 2000s.

    I wrote a very honest and objective article on Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather: Who Needs Who More?

    Essentially, should they never fight, then Pacquiao would go down in history as the greater, more accomplished fighter.

    Mayweather needs Pacquiao more than Manny needs Floyd.

    Also on top of that history has showed us that we tend to view the more exciting, aggressive, offense-minded greats more higher and even remember them over the more technical, defensive-minded greats.

    Manny would be able to sleep at night knowing his legacy will stand the test of time and probably not get broken or even matched in our lifetime.

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