Next Up on Browns Network: The Brady Bunch

A.L. BenzContributor INovember 2, 2008

Another week and another frustrating loss for the Browns. In a game where the offense finally puts points on the board, the defense decides to audition for the Cleveland ballet; which let's a back-up running back run for 1,223,432 yards and leaves a receiver, who has not scored a TD in this century, wide open for a 200-yard TD bomb. Up two TDs at the end of the third quarter should translate to a win.

If this loss is all on the defense, why is Brady being called? Well, the fact is that the "p" word is really a stretch. Even in a wide open, mediocre AFC, at 3-4 and with a tough as nails schedule, the Browns would be lucky to hit seven wins on the season. And that's not even cutting it to the International House of Pancakes.

So, if you are the GM Savage, and you are deciding whether to pick up next season's contract on DA, wouldn't it make sense to see what you have behind door No. 2? I think he overrides coach Romeo's love fest with DA and changes channels to the Brady Bunch for the rest of the year.

Oh, you ask why he did not do that at 0-3 earlier this season? Well, three games, even if they are all losses, is still relatively early, and there is still hope for the playoffs. And, after speaking to other GMs, he was advised not to shake the boat. However, now when the season is essentially a lost, there is no good reason to delay making a QB change.

Also, I argue that Savage did endorse Brady earlier in the season. It was obvious after team adviser Jim Brown announced to the press that he wanted Brady, and that he was backed by many in the organization. In the end, Romeo won, but he will have a harder time convincing the brass DA is the man this time.

I happen to like DA. During 2000, I had the most enjoyable Browns season in a long time, mostly due to his offensive fireworks. However, it is clear that he is inconsistent, folds under pressure, and cannot get any touch on his balls for the life of him. Not the exact recipe a QB needs to lead his team to the playoffs.

It is high time to see if Brady is ready. Because what do we really have to lose now?