Nebraska—Oklahoma:The Sooner Review

Cameron HagerCorrespondent INovember 2, 2008

One word" Obliteration.

Oklahoma defeated the Nebraska Cornhuskers 62-28. This is a rivalry right? It sure didn't seem like one.

Nebraska is definitely not the team they used to be. They basically proved that they will not be able to put up a good fight this season. What I saw from them looked like a bad case of no spirit. To even make it worse Oklahoma OBLITERATED them.

Oklahoma's defence most certainly woke up and were able to hold back the Nebraska offence. Now yes they did give up 28 points but honestly, did they really have anything to worry about.

Sam Bradford once again showed Heisman contention while he led the offence to 62 point and showed all of the Big 12 that they are ready to fight.

With this win Oklahoma should move up a spot thanks to the Texas Tech Raiders as they beat Texas in a great contest. Now Texas Tech should move up to No. 2 and Oklahoma should move up to No. 3.

Texas Tech will face off against Oklahoma State next week. OSU is looking good but after this big win for Texas Tech, it should be able to get their morale up and beat OSU.

Oklahoma will be facing off against Texas A&M next week. A good match-up, but on paper you should see Oklahoma with the win. I'll agree with the paper and see Oklahoma on top but stay tuned for more in-depth analysis on my weekly preview on Friday.

In summary, Oklahoma had a fantastic week this week and will move up in the polls. Oklahoma is going to have a good  match-up with Texas A&M this coming week and should win.

Oklahoma will be having Texas Tech after this coming week so expect a big game between the two. Expect Texas to not have as good as morale due from this lost so good news for the Sooners.

All signs point towards good things for the Sooners this coming week.

The Fanatic is done but stay tuned for this week's preview.