WWE Money in the Bank: Gullo's Guide to Money in the Bank 2011

William GulloCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2011

WWE Money in the Bank: Gullo's Guide to Money in the Bank 2011

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    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and children of all ages welcome to the first ever “Gullo’s Guide to Money in the Bank.”

    Each and every month I will submit a new guide to the upcoming pay-per-view of the month.

    These slideshows will be a no hold barred, scathing, often condescending, fresh take, but always scintillating look into the products that are the foundation of the WWE.

    With Sunday July 17th rapidly approaching that can only mean one thing…

    Money in the Bank!

    Sunday should, could, probably will… god I hope so; change the landscape of the WWE universe for the foreseeable future.

    In a rare opportunity, two superstars will have the chance to change their status within the minds of the WWE universe immensely overnight. They will become instant predators to the current WWE and World Heavyweight champions; stalking them, lying in wait for the opportunity to cash in their contract and become new world champions.

    Randy Orton is set to defend his World Heavyweight Title against Christian.

    Mark Henry, who all of a sudden just figured out how to not stink the joint up, faces The Big show in a battle of giants.

    WWE Divas champion Kelly Kelly defends her title against Brie Bella.

    John Cena will fight for his career, his pride, and the company’s future when he defends the WWE Championship against CM Punk.

    Without further ado here is 5 things, I feel, you need to know about WWE’s Money in the Bank.

1. Alex Riley Will Win the Raw Money in the Bank Match

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    This is where everything can come full circle for Alex Riley.

    Sure he's new to the game, and a lot of the so called wrestling pundits say "I like Alex Riley, but it’s just not his time." My question to them is "When would be his time?" He’s becoming immensely popular, been involved in segments with the Rock and Stone Cold, and has been put over by the Miz twice in less than a month.

    This is the man that carried around the Miz's briefcase for months. Then after The Miz cashed it in on Randy Orton back in November he still carried around a briefcase. Why can’t he carry around a briefcase he can call his own?

    There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that by the time Wrestlemania roles around next year Riley will have won at least one title. Why couldn’t that be a world’s title?

    Also, let’s be real, this whole “Every person who wins Money in the Bank wins the title” thing will eventually end. Someone will screw up their opportunity, or someone will screw it up for them.

    Riley wins, he goes to cash it in, and he loses because The Miz, in all his newfound jealousy, interferes. Everyone gets the shock of Riley winning Money in the Bank, but he doesn’t get a world title so quickly (win-win for everyone). This provides excitement, drama, intrigue, and only brings more credibility to one of the better feuds going on right now.

    …If this scenario actually happens I apologize for ruining the surprise.

2. Wade Barrett Will Win the Smackdown Money in the Bank Match

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    Listen, I'm not the biggest Wade Barret fan, but common sense will only point you in this direction.

    Let's look at the facts:

    1. Whenever someone drops a secondary title to an up and comer two things are happening. They're either helping to push younger talent by getting them over, or they're about to make a run at something bigger.

    For example:Just recently Dolph Ziggler had a fantastic run as the Intercontinental Champion, but dropped it to Kofi (I thought that was dumb), but entered the World Heavyweight Title picture shortly after (I thought that was great).

    The same thing is happening to Barret right now. He drops the IC championship to up and comer Ezekiel Jackson (I thought that was dumb), but is eventually going to enter into the title picture (that would be a great change). Money in the Bank is the platform for this to happen.

    2. The competition around him is, how do I say this appropriately, lackluster. They are all great talents, rising stars, and are capable of putting on the greatest Money in the Bank match ever. Realistically there are only two other stars capable of winning besides Barret.

    Sheamus: I would love to see him win Money in the Bank, do as he promised and cash it in on Orton or Christian right after there match, and win. Could you imagine Christian's face if he finally beats Orton clean and then looses the title in under 10 minutes... Family and friends would have to put him on suicide watch!

    However, Sheamus doesn't need the briefcase to become World Heavyweight Champion. He's proven each and every Smackdown that he deserves to be there. Him winning doesn't do justice to what Money in the Bank stands for.

    Cody Rhodes: Love Cody, and I think he's on his way to the top with a briefcase or no briefcase. With that being said, the Sheamus statement applies to Cody as well. I really don't see the WWE making Ted Dibiase Jr. carry around Cody's briefcase like he's an Alex Riley clone.

    3. Ever since leaving Nexus and the Corre Barrett has been left to rot within the mid-card of Smackdown. In my opinion that's the worst possible position to be in. Barrett is capable of more, and should be given the green light by the WWE to show what his true potential is. If he does become a world's champion I don't think he'll be a very good one, but I hope he proves me wrong.   

3. I Will Use the Divas Championship Match as a Bathroom Break Opportunity

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    That fact that even half of you smiled when reading that title shows you the state of the Divas division in WWE. It's a joke.

    It didn't use to be, and doesn't need to be.

    Karma was a huge step in the right direction, but because "life happens", the WWE divas division took a massive blow. So why did they go back to the status quo?

    I don't have an answer that will fix the division, but maybe they should take a look at the competition over in TNA (sorry, Impact Wrestling) they seem to be doing something right.

    The WWE is knee deep in an anti-bullying campaign, but the divas trot out there and rely on fat, ugly, and "you smell" jokes in order to push rivalries. How can I watch the Bella Twins tell me bullying is not right in their anti-bullying commercials, but then watch them berate a vulnerable Karma about her weight and looks without feeling like the WWE is insulting my intelligence? 

    I feel like I'm watching middle school girls bicker just without the bloody noses, lockers and books being used as weapons, hair pulling, and an abundance of swears being hurled... wait a minute, maybe those tactics are the answer!

    Could you imagine if the same story telling was applied to the WWE and World Heavyweight picture?

    It's not! That's why we fell in love with the WWE and are compelled to watch each week!

    Side note: The time it took you to read this one slide will be the exact time it takes Kelly Kelly to successfully defend her Divas Championship. 

4. Christian Will Become the World Heavyweight Champion

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    Let's Play the "True or False" game. Please feel free to play along in the comment section.

    It's a long road to Summerslam?.. True

    If Randy Orton prevails yet again over Christian it will essentially bury him in the title picture on Smackdown?... True

    Smackdown has no one besides Christian, Orton, and Sheamus who are realistically going to win the title within the next 3 months?... True

    If Christian wins it will hurt Orton in the eyes of fans, and will leave him in the trenches of the mid-card on Smackdown?... False

    If Christian wins it makes the World Heavyweight Title picture a lot more interesting, throws a curveball into the Orton/Christian feud which can then culminate in a "No Disqualifications/Street Fight" at Summerslam?... True.

    It is much better to have Orton chase Christian leading into Summerslam than the other way around?... True

    It Christian wins it gives him much needed credibility as a top guy in the WWE?... True

    Christian, in all likely-hood, will pull a heel move and not beat Orton clean... True

    Thanks for playing! Unfortunately there are no prizes. You can contact BR Management with complaints.

5. CM Punk Will Lead Us All in a Revolution Against the WWE

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    When the time comes for John Cena to defend his beloved WWE Championship against CM Punk, we will all be a part of something special. It is rare in this day and age of predictable WWE for a match to not only carry such a wonderful story arch, but to carry the future of the WWE with it.

    The implications of this match are tremendous and will likely tell the WWE universe where it is headed.

    Will the WWE remain with the status quo by building up a tremendous angle only to have Cena go over once again and diminish the masterful work Punk has graced us with for the past three weeks?

    Will CM Punk prevail and leave WWE with its crown jewel, thus "ending" the career of John Cena?

    Will Vince McMahon become involved with the match? Which side will he choose?

    If CM Punk really does not re-sign with the company and leaves the WWE, I will be thoroughly shocked, irate, I will question my fan-hood, but mostly I will be sad.

    We have all bare witness to how truly great this man is week after week. It would be a shame to cut the chord on this angle and his career just as it's heating up. I believe that CM Punk is going nowhere. He has found his calling, his niche, his "yellow brick road" to the WWE Hall of Fame, and he will lead us there with him.

    If there's one thing you need to know about Money in the Bank, it is that CM Punk will be holding up the WWE title when the curtain closes. What happens from there is anyone's guess, but that old WWE magic will have returned to our veins and will pump through our body once again.

    The Revolution?

    It will either be led by CM Punk as he aligns himself with/or against other superstars as we see a return to a more edgier approach in WWE programming.

    If Cena wins, the revolution will be led by us; the fans, the IWC, the ones who each week watch and wait for change. We will have witnessed a martyr, CM Punk, show us how great the WWE can be only to be silenced and swept out the back door.

    Maybe he wants to leave. Can you blame him?

    Whatever happens at the end of Money in the Bank, there will be repercussions. Hopefully we will finally see the change we have clamored for.

    ... But then again, maybe we won't.