The 11 Greatest Fan-on-the-Field Moments Caught on Film

Marci NobleAnalyst IJuly 13, 2011

The 11 Greatest Fan-on-the-Field Moments Caught on Film

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    NFL fans do some crazy things for the love of the game and the players who play them.  In Green Bay they don dairy products. In the Mile High City "they" brave the cold clad only in barrels.  And, in Oakland they eat babies. 

    Sometimes the body paint, the Sunday persona and the field level seats are not enough.  These fans take it further.

Fan Takes Ball from Brett Favre

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    Do you think this guy got to keep the football?

Mike Curtis vs. Fan

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    This Mike Curtis hit is infamous.

Junior Seau Gets Tackled

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    The video kind of sucks but, the guy's motive is totally funny.

Referee Streaker

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    This one took some planning.

Fan Runs Through Play

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    The funniest part about this is the camera angle.  The video's caption specified that the guy made it 80 yards before getting caught.

James Harrison Body Slams Dude

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    I don't believe him when he says this didn't hurt.

Commited Charger

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    I love that the Charger came off the bench to get the tackle.


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    Aaron Rodgers swept this guy right off his feet.

Security Guard Wraps Up Intruding Fan

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    This security guard must have seen this as an opportunity to get noticed by the NFL scouts.

KC Wolf Gets Involved

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Kid Gets Smashed

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    It's not NFL but, it deserves an honorable mention for the shear brutality of it.